Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22nd

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OK tour of the bedroom time!  Top picture is of the wardrobe.  It is 1930s solid wood with ‘flame’ mahogany doors.  It is a triple wardrobe, each section is like a coffin (!) and comes off the base once the top is taken off.  It is a *** to move!  But we’ve had it out on the landing for about 3 months!  Moved it back in yesterday, at last!  Now I need to sort out my clothes!


Second picture shows the new sink, and my chest of drawers.  We will hang some pictures above that chest of drawers.  The top needs 1 or 2 nice bold pieces, not the mish mash that’s on there LOL!  This is DH’s side of the bed.


Third picture is my side of the bed.  What a mess!  The pine bedside cabinets really need to go, but not sure where to go to buy more.  Our other ‘pieces’ of furniture came from a second hand furniture shop that isn’t there anymore.  So we need new bedside cabinets and a cabinet for the little stereo.  (I like to listen to a CD while reading in bed, and we wake to Radio 2 at 6.30am with the alarm setting).  The big chest of drawers in front of the window is Maurice’s.  I need a nice big mirror to go on top of it.  The old dressing table has had to be dumped because it had woodworm!