Friday, August 21, 2009

My paper clutter

I must tell you about my paper clutter course I have been doing on
It has been very enlightening! Here's my office clutter before, and then again after. I realised that my 'prime real estate' ie the first shelf was taken up with stuff that wasn't so important. So although most of the paper is the same it is better organised and labelled, and certainly looks a lot neater!
The course has been really good, and I recommend it to anyone. You get 6 weekly 'lessons' and there is a small forum where we have been encouraged to swap ideas. We have a daily thread where we tell what we have been doing in our 15mins alloted time per day! It has been a great motivator! So much so that I have signed up for another course, 'Organise101', to help me to organise my scrapbooking stash.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft room mess!

I thought I would embarrass myself and show you how messy my dining room is at the moment! I have literally just dumped things in there, all over the table, the chairs and the floor! I have been sorting out my paper clutter and books upstairs in the little bedroom we use as a computer room/office, and thus this room has been severely neglected!

Maurice has gone on his holiday motorcycling in the Himalays today, and I have 2 weeks without him, Nicholas is away this week and then again the next weekend, and Lucy is away both weekends too! So I am going to empty this room bit by bit, and then put it all back NEATLY!!!! One of the problems is that while Nicholas was away I put most of my sewing stuff upstairs, which is all piled up by the window now. I cannot do any scrapping or card making atm, so I really must do it!