Friday, August 06, 2010

carnival time!

We walked into Worthing for a coffee, and realised on the way home that it is carnival day in Worthing!  The carnival is usually at the end of August, but has changed this year to coincide with the Seafront fair.

This is where we like to have coffee, Madisons in the arcade.  It was jam packed with customers wanting breakfast!  Looks like they do a mean bacon and egg!  And they always provide a bowl of water for Merlin.

Worthing 001

The flower displays in Worthing are as fabulous as ever!

Worthing carnival 001

 Worthing carnival 002

Here’s the tallest building in Worthing.

Worthing carnival 004

Some rubbish pics of the carnival!  Here’s the Beauty and the Beast float.  Fabulous costumes!

Worthing carnival 006  Worthing carnival 009

Not sure who this crowd were, but looks like they were having fun!

Worthing carnival 010

Procession of minis at the rear

Worthing carnival 012

Thursday, July 29, 2010

walk for 10 mins from home….


On Shimelle’s latest class, we were challenged to walk 10 mins from home, then take some photos.  Well, 10 mins south of here is the beach, which is also one of my ‘comfort zones’ for photography, especially on a nice sunny day like yesterday!  This is also the first time I have experimented with a mosaic, from  Gonna have fun with this!!!  Another time waster!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

walk round RHS garden at Wisley

Mum and I have had a glorious day out at Wisley, one of our most favourite places!

These delphiniums are in the mixed border, our favourite place!

 rhs wisley 002

Then we went into the little rose garden, a new huge rose garden is being built, it will be fantastic!

rhs wisley 004 rhs wisley 008  rhs wisley 013

We just loved this combination of pink rudbekia and silver eryngium in the Piet Oldurf prairie borders:

rhs wisley 021 

which leads to this stunning view of the new greenhouse with this gorgeous colour combination of planting:

rhs wisley 024

Love this view of the greenhouse from the top of the rockery….

rhs wisley 026

…which takes us to the alpine house:

rhs wisley 029 rhs wisley 034 rhs wisley 039 rhs wisley 040

Back up through the fruit garden to my dream greenhouse:

rhs wisley 043

along to the model gardens where I saw this idea for my patio:

 rhs wisley 044 rhs wisley 045

and back down the other side of the mixed border to marvel at the colour, texture and shapes in the planting:

rhs wisley 051 rhs wisley 053

and then of course into the shop to buy the huge long list of plants on our wish lists!

rhs wisley 054

South Downs Way – Kithurst Hill to Amberley

Got the walking bug now!  Last weekend Nicholas wanted to do a walk with us, so we got the ordnance survey map out… and decided to drive to Storrington and park at Kithurst Hill.  WE thought that a walk to Amberley and back would be about 6 miles.


It started out as a fluffy cloud blue sky sort of day:

 south downs walk 003

as we walked along the ridge with the sea to our left:

south downs walk 005 south downs walk 006

The descent into Amberley was quite steep!  EEK! WE got to walk back up that!

south downs walk 007

Ahhh!  Well deserved refreshment in the Bridge at Amberley!

south downs walk 009

south downs walk 011south downs walk 010

Nicholas was going to borrow my Nikon DSLR, but we both thought the other was bringing it and consequently left it at home LOL!  These pics takne with my little Nikon point and shoot.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Early morning walk in Scarborough

We were due to leave for home (Thursday), and because of the fog, we hadn’t really seen North Beach area of Scarborough.  So we got up at 6.30am, and went straight out with our cameras.  What a lovely morning!  We walked along the north Beach, and then inland a little bit to a lovely park and boating pond.  There were just a few dog walkers about, no tourists!

Here’s the castle again, this time with the early morning sun behind it – not in the mist!

Scarborough 004 Scarborough 006

I just loved these popsicle coloured beach huts!

Scarborough 007Scarborough 010 

It was the perfect time of day for the pictures of the boating lake, the reflections were perfect!

Scarborough 017 Scarborough 019 Scarborough 021 Scarborough 023 Scarborough 025


We had decided to drive to Scarborough and spend Wednesday night there, as it is a place we had not visited before.  Unfortunately, it was foggy!  We had a gorgeous little B&B right on the North Beach, and our room overlooking the sea.  We ate our packed lunch courtesy of the other hotel, and then took a walk over the castle and towards the harbour and South Beach.

pennines 276

This statue is on the harbour right next to the lighthouse

pennines 282 

The south beach is a little more brash with amusement arcades, and gift shops:

pennines 296

It was low tide and despite the fog, there were plenty of people on the sands:

pennines 310 pennines 311 pennines 315

Here’s Freddy – one of the donkeys available to ride.  We asked if we could photograph the donkeys, and when one little girl came up for a ride, she was told that Freddy was busy having a photo-shoot!

 pennines 318 pennines 323