Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Malham Tarn and Malham Cove


We got out of the coach at Malham Tarn just as the weather improved!  It turned out to be a really lovely day, blue sky and white fluffy clouds.  Perfect for taking pictures!

pennines 081

down this limestone path

pennines 098


pennines 107

And on to the limestone pavement!  I guess that’s another thing I can cross off my ‘must-see’ list! I can still see Geoff Hamilton on ‘Gardener’s World’ making his own limestones out of concrete for his rockery so as to save limestone pavements such as this one!

pennines 109 pennines 110 pennines 126 pennines 133 pennines 137

Hebden Bridge to Stoodley Pike

On our holidays!  A landscape photography course in the Pennine district of North Yorkshire, with HF Holidays, tutored by Derek Forss.


Our first walk started from Hebden Bridge, from there we walked up to Stoodley Pike to see the monument to the desposition of Napoleon.  not sure why a monument to Napoleon is in North Yorkshire!

The canal at Hebden Bridge

pennines 005 

Our first glimpse of the monument

pennines 012 pennines 016 pennines 018 pennines 023

Back down a very steep descent to Hebden Bridge.

pennines 043 pennines 052 pennines 055 pennines 058

And here is THE bridge – 500 years old this year.

pennines 064 pennines 071

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk to Cissbury Ring

We bought ourselves new walking trousers for our walking/landscape photography holiday so we had to try them out this morning:

We parked in the south end car park, and walked up diagonally across this field, which was yellow with buttercups and vetch:

craft 289

  craft 292 craft 294 52 walks 03152 walks 025

52 walks 026

This field overlooks Findon valley and High Salvington on the other side of the valley

52 walks 02752 walks 029

Cissbury Ring belongs to the National Trust:

craft 295

My two lovely walking companions!

    52 walks 028

Evening walk to the beach

We always take Merlin for a walk after tea.  Merlin knows the routine and follows us about while we clear up after eating until we are ready to take him!  Maurice prefers to go to the park, but sometimes I persuade him to my favourite place – the beach!


First we have to walk down the road:

 52 walks 002

Then through Marine Gardens where they have just planted these red coleus which look fab next to the yellow phormium:

52 walks 003

The tide was quite high, but the water very calm:

52 walks 010

Merlin couldn’t resist going in!

52 walks 011

Ugh!  A very wet smelly dog:


52 walks 012

The sun was trying to peek through as it went down:

52 walks 015

Making long shadows of the three of us!

52 walks 016 

We walked along towards the pier:

52 walks 022

It looks quite Mediterranean here!

52 walks 023

Friday, June 11, 2010

Walk round Chichester cathedral

We had a ‘hub’ day today for work.  Our hub is all projects within Sussex, Isle of Wight and Hampshire.  It was held at Vicar’s Hall at Chichester Cathedral, which was a great venue.  I couldn’t resist going out for 30 mins at lunchtime for some photos:

I love all these little pathways all round the cathedral close.

walk round chichester cathedral 001

This is from the back of the cathedral.

walk round chichester cathedral 003 walk round chichester cathedral 005

Don’t you just love a flying buttress!

walk round chichester cathedral 006

This modern tapestry hangs behind the altar.  It is really stunning, and I love the way the middle looks lit up!

walk round chichester cathedral 009

I think this might be my favourite bit – the cloisters.  There is a really good cafe just off to the left.

walk round chichester cathedral 014 walk round chichester cathedral 015

Here’s the team!  I am on the left.  Next is Eric, then Claire, Tracey, Judi, Jacqui and Sue.

walk round chichester cathedral 016

The day finished at 3pm, so we were very naughty and went for a cup cake in a really gorgeous little cafe!  This is blueberries and cream.  Isn’t it pretty!

walk round chichester cathedral 019