Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First the bad news.... and then the good.....

3 bits of not such good news:
1 Dad did not get on so well at Worthing Hospital yesterday. He and Mum are a bit stressed, so I'm going to see them this afternoon. Did anyone see the article in the Daily Mail yesterday about myeloma and the new drug velcade? (It was about Dom - from Dick and Dom in da bungalow, his FIL died from myeloma recently having had it for 2 years, well my Dad's had it for 10 years!!!)
2 I have to have a small gynaecological operation. Luckily we are on health insurance scheme, so going private, and having it done in November.
3 DH's job still not sorted. He is now on 3 months notice Hopefully, they will sort out his new position in that time
I'm trying to stay positive

4 bits of good news (CC = UKScrappers cyber crop)
1 CC mystery kit arrived this morning!! (Not completely sure I like it, but hoping it will grow on me!)
2 Little Red Scrapbooking co kit arrived from USA, with the most gorgeous felt die-cuts, the brightest blue you have ever seen!
3 Sarah's cards CCkit arrived too! YUMMY
4 I am going to Ally Pally on Saturday. Will my dining room survive under the weight of all this new stash???

All I need now is time to scrap!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy blogger! (and some photos)

Here I am at last! The lazy blogger! It would be good to do little entry every day, once a week would be good. I seem to get my need for writing about what I asm doing in my team thread on and chat forum!!! Sometimes I copy what I've written there and post it here.Anyway, here's a photo of Merlin I took this morning up at Highdown Hill.

I am spending a lot of time on my photography course, run by Cheryl Johnson. It is a fabulous course, providing you can spend the time taking lots of photos and experimenting, and then looking at everyone elses photos and joining in the comments. I am definately improving (!) evidenced by the fact that CJ chose a photo of mine as one of her top5 images of the week a couple of weeks ago, and I am in the shortlist of 10 for last week. Here's a sneaky look at some of the photos I have been taking.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mods and Rockers!

At the Ace cafe Reunion, in Madiera Drive, Brighton. Here are the mods! There were quite a few mods, but not many scooters with all the long aerials and loads of headlights!

This man adores this bike obviously!

Sooo many bikes, in fact they were parked all over the centre of Brighton, all on the pavements!

Here are the rockers! Loads of Harley davisons! I love that low slung style, and the leathe rpanniers, and the fringed leather jackets! I want to get a biker chick t-shirt now!

It was a reall sight, I am so glad we went. (We nearly didn't cos we had been out walking this morning, and we didn't leave home till 3pm!)

A brilliant Sunday morning.

After last night's trip out, we decided to go back that way (behind the downs past Steyning), t walk Merlin. We have been along our bit of the South Downs Way, but no further. So we parked and took a little path leading up the north scarp slope. It was very steep!!! But we saw these fabulous cows along the way. Actually they are young bulls, but I think their colour is fantastic.

Looking down on the 'Offroad experience'. It's a motocross track, and you can go there for a day of lessons. It looks fab! I'm hoping Maurice will go there so I can get some photos of him! Some of these riders were quite good, and were leaping over the hills.

General view over to Chanctonbury Ring

Coffee stop! The weather was boiling hot, so Merlin was panting a lot. We didn't trust him enough to let him off the lead,cos we were walking through fields covered in aniaml droppings, sheep and cows! We eventually cam to the top of Truleigh Hill, where we joined the South Downs way for a while. There's a youth hostel up there! Now we know how to get there (you can drive right to the top) we are determined to do more of the South Downs Way.

sunny saturday

It was a gorgeous day today. We really are having an Indian summer! It's nice when it's hot in the day at this time of year though, cos it isn't hot at night, and easy to sleep.

We needed to buy a paper shredder. I had loads of stuff left from when I was a school govenor, and I have been sorting out 'office' files at home, you know, bank statements and stuff. So we cycled into Worthing with our cameras, and here are some of the pics I took. This first one is the WW1 memorial outside the town hall, and is used for remembrance day parades. One year Nicholas was in a parade with the scouts. Me and Lucy went to watch, I think Maurice was away. Suddenly a boy was being carried away from where Nicholas's troop were. I said to Lucy, 'oh dear, look someone's fainted', and then realised it was Nicholas! Evil mother that I am, I made him parade round the block with his troop after the ceremony!

This is the top of the town hall. I haven't been in the town hall much, but was invited to meet the mayor earlier this year, as he was doing a reception for volunteers!

This is the memorial to the Boer War situated at the bottom of Steyne Gardens. We went there to photograph a statue of Triton, that has been moved there from the old boating lake. Troulbe is, its in the centre of a garden that is fenced off, so couldn't get any close ups of it, and the background was too busy.

The Dome Cinema on the seafront has been refurbished. It needed it! We always used to call it the 'flea-pit'! And that was when I was a child! It has recently opened but we haven't been there yet.

And this is how Maurice and Merlin spent the afternoon, while I did the ironing and tried to shred paper! In the end I burnt the paper on the BBQ because there was so much of it!

After tea, Maurice and I went on a mini pub crawl! We haven't been out to a pub for just a drink for ages! We were looking for an old fashioned country pub to take a colleague of Maurice's who is over from Phoenix for next week. We think we'll go to the Shepard and Dog at Fulking.