Sunday, September 09, 2007

A brilliant Sunday morning.

After last night's trip out, we decided to go back that way (behind the downs past Steyning), t walk Merlin. We have been along our bit of the South Downs Way, but no further. So we parked and took a little path leading up the north scarp slope. It was very steep!!! But we saw these fabulous cows along the way. Actually they are young bulls, but I think their colour is fantastic.

Looking down on the 'Offroad experience'. It's a motocross track, and you can go there for a day of lessons. It looks fab! I'm hoping Maurice will go there so I can get some photos of him! Some of these riders were quite good, and were leaping over the hills.

General view over to Chanctonbury Ring

Coffee stop! The weather was boiling hot, so Merlin was panting a lot. We didn't trust him enough to let him off the lead,cos we were walking through fields covered in aniaml droppings, sheep and cows! We eventually cam to the top of Truleigh Hill, where we joined the South Downs way for a while. There's a youth hostel up there! Now we know how to get there (you can drive right to the top) we are determined to do more of the South Downs Way.

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Karen said...

Linda - one of the modules coming up in a couple of weeks is capturing "speed". You MUST get Maurice to go "off-roading" ... he'll be doing you the favour! Love the photos - especially the ones of all the bikes in Brighton!