Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 14th

It is Gillian's birthday today. I made some cards but not very happy with them. I am pants at stamping, I get loads of bits of ink in the wrong place! (Maybe someone who doesn't know wouldn't mind!!) I posted pics of them on UKs and got some nice comments, so maybe they are not that bad! I made one for Lene and one for Louise whose birthday pressie I bought. She received it today!

I feel a bit nervous about the mail art stuff that I am sending out. I don't think it is as good as other peoples. I have kind of put off doing some of the lessons because of that. Also, my deco book appears to have gone missing! I am really cross about that, because I have done an entry into everyone elses, and sent it on it's way. Even though I have missed a few lessons, I have particiapted quite well.

I really wanted to do sbing today, but felt I should do AIFHS instead. It seems to take me an age! I can't really get my head around what I am supposed to be doing, becasue I have to do so many things with one piece of paper! Now I have done a bit of Spanish, using the internet which was quite good. And I did a bit extra too. The extra bit was something I knew how to do, so a bit of a confidence builder. I am wondering whether I should try the GCSE next year to make me work harder. I am not really working hard at Spanish atm and I am not getting anywhere with it. Either I give up, or try the GCSE.

Now I am too tired to sb!! I might go downstairs and spend half an hour tidying, and I must make the p/copy sheet about myself. Then I can send it with all my next pieces. But I also need to sort out my photos on here. I think I'll spend a few mins on here, then go downstairs. I will try to get to bed early.

I have been involved a too many swaps lately. I now must not join any more. I am finding that not all that I receive is to my taste, and is a bit of a waste. It would be better to spend the money on something I like myslef!! (Must buy 7 gypsies, distressing inks, more BG paper, more prima flowers!) I'll keep the other bits and bobs for RAKs and such.

Does this all sound a bit down? That is how I am feeling, think it's because I am tired.

Friday, March 03, 2006

March 3rd

Still feeling unwell. I have spent 3 nights on the sofa now. Funnily enough, I do seem to sleep OK once I get off to sleep, 4 maybe 5 hours, but it is very uncomfortable. My neck, back, hips hurt! I took M for a wlk up to Highdown this morning and there was a bit of snow! Only about 2mm, but it was there. I didn't take my camera, because I didn't think there would be any snow, there is none here.

The kitchen floor people came yesterday, but had to screed the bit where the old boiler was, so they are coming back today, hopefully! Bob's boys came and tested the new cooker, so M can easily reconnect it.

I decided we should have a takeaway last night, I have cooked every night even though feeling dreadful, noone has offered to help, Lucy has even had friends round 3 nights! M wasn't too impressed. He thought we should cook, even though I hadn't organised anything, and the cooker is half way out over the kitchen floor! Trouble was Lucy wanted chinese not fish and chips!! So we had chinese, and she did at least cook some rice.

The burglar alarm people have jsut been to service the alarm system.. Embarrassingly, I couldn't remember the number!!

Watched Homes under the Hammer again this morning. It is quite interesting to see what people do with the houses they buy at auction, but the prog is so slow! It is an hour, and could easily be half an hour, becasue they keep going back and telling you stuff again! Evening telly is not so good either. Just celebrity singing duet, and ice dancing where the public have to vote for their favourite. My favourites like Who do you think you are and search and rescue have finished for now. We ought to hire some films, but I haven't felt like going out, and I still don't really.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st

March is roaring in like a lion!! It is soo cold, and it tried to snow again today. LOts of people stuck all over the country in huge snowdrifts. I do wish we could have atiny bit of snow. I want to take photos and do a snow LO!! The weekend weather is not supposed to be any better.

March is also croaking in for me. I have been ill since last Friday, and am really really fed up now. Last night I just couldn't get to sleep, coughing, so I went downstairs at 1am, for a Lemsip and cough medicine. I must have gone to sleep shortly after, cos I woke up to find it getting light, and it was about 6am. I went back upstairs to bed, but didn't go off to sleep again. Feeling very fedup, very lethargic, and generally very poorly. Today is probably the worst day.

But the new cooker arrived today at 4pm, not this morning! I have organised the floor to come tomorrow, so hopefully M can disconnect the old cooker tonight and Bob can come and connect the new one tomorrow.

And I have loads of new stamps!! I did try ot have a go with them today, but couldn't get the enthusiasm, so must practice lots next week, when I WILL feel better, and make loads of ATCs. I posted a query on UKs becasue I don't know how to use the EZ mount. I just need a craft shop nearby that can help with demonstrations etc.

I have finished my Elisabeth Bradley Auricula cross stitch!!! I've probably had it about 10 years!! Just need to do all the balck background now, but at least that is a no brainer.