Friday, March 03, 2006

March 3rd

Still feeling unwell. I have spent 3 nights on the sofa now. Funnily enough, I do seem to sleep OK once I get off to sleep, 4 maybe 5 hours, but it is very uncomfortable. My neck, back, hips hurt! I took M for a wlk up to Highdown this morning and there was a bit of snow! Only about 2mm, but it was there. I didn't take my camera, because I didn't think there would be any snow, there is none here.

The kitchen floor people came yesterday, but had to screed the bit where the old boiler was, so they are coming back today, hopefully! Bob's boys came and tested the new cooker, so M can easily reconnect it.

I decided we should have a takeaway last night, I have cooked every night even though feeling dreadful, noone has offered to help, Lucy has even had friends round 3 nights! M wasn't too impressed. He thought we should cook, even though I hadn't organised anything, and the cooker is half way out over the kitchen floor! Trouble was Lucy wanted chinese not fish and chips!! So we had chinese, and she did at least cook some rice.

The burglar alarm people have jsut been to service the alarm system.. Embarrassingly, I couldn't remember the number!!

Watched Homes under the Hammer again this morning. It is quite interesting to see what people do with the houses they buy at auction, but the prog is so slow! It is an hour, and could easily be half an hour, becasue they keep going back and telling you stuff again! Evening telly is not so good either. Just celebrity singing duet, and ice dancing where the public have to vote for their favourite. My favourites like Who do you think you are and search and rescue have finished for now. We ought to hire some films, but I haven't felt like going out, and I still don't really.

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