Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 14th

It is Gillian's birthday today. I made some cards but not very happy with them. I am pants at stamping, I get loads of bits of ink in the wrong place! (Maybe someone who doesn't know wouldn't mind!!) I posted pics of them on UKs and got some nice comments, so maybe they are not that bad! I made one for Lene and one for Louise whose birthday pressie I bought. She received it today!

I feel a bit nervous about the mail art stuff that I am sending out. I don't think it is as good as other peoples. I have kind of put off doing some of the lessons because of that. Also, my deco book appears to have gone missing! I am really cross about that, because I have done an entry into everyone elses, and sent it on it's way. Even though I have missed a few lessons, I have particiapted quite well.

I really wanted to do sbing today, but felt I should do AIFHS instead. It seems to take me an age! I can't really get my head around what I am supposed to be doing, becasue I have to do so many things with one piece of paper! Now I have done a bit of Spanish, using the internet which was quite good. And I did a bit extra too. The extra bit was something I knew how to do, so a bit of a confidence builder. I am wondering whether I should try the GCSE next year to make me work harder. I am not really working hard at Spanish atm and I am not getting anywhere with it. Either I give up, or try the GCSE.

Now I am too tired to sb!! I might go downstairs and spend half an hour tidying, and I must make the p/copy sheet about myself. Then I can send it with all my next pieces. But I also need to sort out my photos on here. I think I'll spend a few mins on here, then go downstairs. I will try to get to bed early.

I have been involved a too many swaps lately. I now must not join any more. I am finding that not all that I receive is to my taste, and is a bit of a waste. It would be better to spend the money on something I like myslef!! (Must buy 7 gypsies, distressing inks, more BG paper, more prima flowers!) I'll keep the other bits and bobs for RAKs and such.

Does this all sound a bit down? That is how I am feeling, think it's because I am tired.

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