Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st

March is roaring in like a lion!! It is soo cold, and it tried to snow again today. LOts of people stuck all over the country in huge snowdrifts. I do wish we could have atiny bit of snow. I want to take photos and do a snow LO!! The weekend weather is not supposed to be any better.

March is also croaking in for me. I have been ill since last Friday, and am really really fed up now. Last night I just couldn't get to sleep, coughing, so I went downstairs at 1am, for a Lemsip and cough medicine. I must have gone to sleep shortly after, cos I woke up to find it getting light, and it was about 6am. I went back upstairs to bed, but didn't go off to sleep again. Feeling very fedup, very lethargic, and generally very poorly. Today is probably the worst day.

But the new cooker arrived today at 4pm, not this morning! I have organised the floor to come tomorrow, so hopefully M can disconnect the old cooker tonight and Bob can come and connect the new one tomorrow.

And I have loads of new stamps!! I did try ot have a go with them today, but couldn't get the enthusiasm, so must practice lots next week, when I WILL feel better, and make loads of ATCs. I posted a query on UKs becasue I don't know how to use the EZ mount. I just need a craft shop nearby that can help with demonstrations etc.

I have finished my Elisabeth Bradley Auricula cross stitch!!! I've probably had it about 10 years!! Just need to do all the balck background now, but at least that is a no brainer.

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