Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've had a lovely day today! First of all we went to visit DH's Brother near Tonbridge (on the motorbike!) and had coffee and chat with him, and admired his new pond!

Then we rode into London, which took ages, very very busy, even on the bike! Dreadful road from the top of the M23 all through Purley and Croydon. We went to the Italian procession in Clerkenwell. The Anglo-Italian Family History Society have a stall there every year, and the procession is run by the Italian Church in Clerkenwell, of which we are transcribing the records. A lot of Italians settled in Clerkenwell in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There are birth marriage and death records all to be transcribed.

There were loads of stalls selling all things Italian, the sun shone, and it was really warm. We watched the Italian procession, which was very religious - I guess like the carnivals and festivals they have in Italy and Spain. It was great! I took LOADS of photos, and can't wait to scrap them!

I have realised how behind I am with harry Potter as the last book in the series has been published this weekend. I have still got book no 5 not read! I am a bit inspired to read it now though. And we are off to Center Parcs for the weekend, so I'll probably take it with me. Wondering about sneaking a bit of scrapbooking with me too! I must do a minibook for the girls from volleyball at sandbanks last weekend.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Rant!

Last night we went to our friends for dinner. She told us to get there at 6pm, which we did, but she hadn't got any of the meal ready. He was on the phone for about half an hour after we got there. We stood in the kitchen feeling very much in the way, while she whizzed about starting to cook everything, in between taking drinks upstairs to the (teenage) kids (surely they could come down and get their own ) . So we couldn't have a conversation with her becasue she would walk out while we were talking!!! It is the same EVERY time we go there - and she invites us alot!
He doesn't join in the conversation unless it is about HIS interest (health hazards of mobile phones and global warming- hardly uplifting light conversation!! ) By the time she put out crisps and olives to nibble I was starving, so ate too many. I tried not to eat too much dinner, but ended up a bit too full, and hardly slept a wink becasue of the rich food.
I try not to invite them here very often as a hint but DD and their DD are best friends atm, and she still invites us even when it's our turn!! (We regularly go there 2 or 3 times before they come here!) When they come here, I have the tea ready for when they are due to arrive, and we all sit down more or less straight away. If one of us was on the phone (or computer) we would immediately get off. I should talk to her, but I don't know what to say - I don't want to hurt her feelings. DH used to HATE going there, but he has got used to it now.
We are taking their DD with us away to Center Parcs for a few days at the end of this month. Not really looking forward to it, becasue the girls are SO silly when they are together, and I just hope Lucy won't show off and get all stroppy with us when we say no! Maybe it will be better when they are together for longer, they won't need to show off.

Friday, July 13, 2007

DS has a job!

Nicholas started his job yesterday! YIPEEE! He is working for a local insurance company as a Business Analyst. He has to make info look pretty to give to someone else! Should be OK. It will be really nice for him to get out into the big wide world, and work with ordinary people, and see hos the world of work functions. He is earning quite good money too! NIce becasue he wants to save some for university next year. I already miss him dreadfully, and he's only been gone a day! I am so used to him always being here, whenever I come back from going out! But i will soon get used to it.

It's bought back lots of memories for me from when I first started work, not all that happy really. I went straight from school to an office full of middleaged women, who were so bitchy and horrible to me. The office surroundings weren't that good, and I didn't make any friends. I just hope to goodness that my 2 children take up careers that they really like doing. The world is their oyster becasue they are both bright and intelligent, and can do whatever they want.

I have recently finished my 'When I grow Up' book, and realised that my ideal job would actually be working primarily on my own, but as part of a team. Like I do at the Family Centre! I hated being the boss when I was younger, just not enough confidence, wonder how I would be now as a boss? Not sure I've got that much more confident or assertive. It is my biggest regret that I didn't go to university when I left school, and stayed in science, maybe even academia. I don't think it's going to happen now, sadly.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bryan Ferry

We went to see Bryan Ferry in concert at Petworth Park last Sunday evening. it was a long wait for him, we got there about 6.30pm with our picnic, the concert started at 7.30pm, but he didn't come on until 9pm! The first support band called Lucky Soul were quite good. They were a bit like Blondie. The second support was 2 girls called the stone fairies or something like that. They were quite good, but not as a warm up act! They sang folksy depressing songs in a kind of monotone! They had nice voices though, and I would probably listen to them just before going to sleep.

Bryan Ferry was absolutely wonderful! He really is the coolest, most handsome man in the universe! We were right at the front, becasue I wanted to make sure that I could see him properly. He is even more gorgeous as he gets older!

He sang alot of songs from his latest CD Dylanesque, and a few oldies, like 'Shame', 'In Crowd', A Hard Rain's gonna fall' etc. His band was fab. There was a really young guy on lead guitar, who was fabulous, and of course his backing singers were dead cool too! His voice was really good: I had expected him to sound not so good, as older rock singers tend to (!), but I thought he sounded great. He looked absolutely fabulous in a black sequined jacket with a white shirt, and then he changed into a black suit with a bit of twinkle, a white shirt and narrow black tie. He played the harmonica alot.

There were a load of young people (16 - 18ish) backstage, who came out the front when BF started playing. One of them looked so like BF, he had to be his son! They were having a great time, drinking, smoking and dancing! Fancy having BF as your Dad, and being able to take all your friends to his concert - how cool is that?!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about him ever since - it's like a teenage crush!!! It's a bit unsettling really. I've put all his CDs on my MP3 player now, and even bought a new one this week (£4 in Woolworth) which has all the old greatest hits. My favourite track ever is 'In Crowd' - love that guitar.

It is something about the lead guitar that really makes a song special for me. I don't know enough about guitars to tell you what it is exactly, but I do like a good riff! The music that really stirs me is rock, but not too heavy. I really like something a bit complicated too, not too light and simple. Hence what really turns me on is groups like Led Zeppelin, old Roxy Music stuff, and I adore Richard Ashcroft at the moment. I like listening to lighter stuff too, but this is what really stirs something inside.

I bought a music magazine this week, and was thrilled to see an interview with BF, although he looks a bit contrived in the photos, like he has arranged himself in the way he thinks looks cool! The only problem with the magazine though is it is full of bands who take lots of drugs and alcohol! I'm going to look at their website and download some stuff, reall cool eh?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

weekend day out to London

WE had a super day out in London on saturday. I had booked to see Phantom of the Opera ages ago, as a birthday treat for Nicholas (27th December!!). I wanted a Saturday matinee, and this was the earliest I could get!!!

We dropped Merlin off at Mum's for the day (first time they have had him for a whole day), then drove to haywards Heath, and caught the train from there. First we went to Covent garden for lunch and a wander round.

Then we walked to Trafalgar Square, where all the stuff for the Tour de France was set up. We didn't see any bikes though. The theatre was just round the corner in haymarket. Right near to where they diffused a car bomb last weekend!!

The Phantom of the Opera was absolutely fantastic!! We had front row seats, which were really good. It was nice to be able to see the expressions on their faces. There were a few special effects which made us all jump, especially Lucy!! She didn't think she would enjoy it, but she did!
We had something to eat on Victoria Station and caught the train home. We got back to Mum adn dad's about 8pm. All in all a great family day out - we must do it more often!

Friday, July 06, 2007

seaside walk

One of our favourite evening walks with the dog is down to the beach (about 5 mins from here), and then along for about 15 mins, then back through the streets. We often take our cameras and try to get different shots! We've been looking at Digital SLR magazine and are inspired to take 'movement' shots! Hence the shot fo the grass moving in Marine Gardens. I really want to get a shot of the sea where the water takes on a 'misty' appearance becasue of the slow shutter speed, but it was too bright tonight. We need a ND filter (apparantly!!)

On the scrapping side, I have been spending money like water! I decided I should really take a check on my bank account today. I have bought several dies for my cuttlebug, all from eBay, so at least they are cheaper than the shops. I bought the 'typewriter' alphabet, but it is a bit small, and some leaves, asterisks, and tags. I MUST got and have a play! I just get obsessed about buying stuff, and then don't use it - I wonder if anyone else does that too!!!

I have been wanting to subscribe to a kit for a while. I did subscribe to an American kit when I first started, which was brilliant. Anyway, someone started a thread on UKS, and Scrapagogo came out tops, so I have subscribed to them. Really looking forward to getting that kit. Also scrapping angels, which is a smaller cheaper kit, the Little Red Scrapbook Company (American, lush kits, and cheap becasue of the excellent exchange rate atm), and then I bought 2 one off kits, the new Junkitz salsa, from Jillybeans, and Scarlett Letter from Scrummy stash Cafe!! Going to have to do an awful lot of scrapbooking now - but then I am taking lots of pics atm.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Goodwood LOs

And here are the Goodwood LOs.

This one is based on one I saw on

Shirley Chai's "My Childhood Photos".

This is based on a Pencil Lines sketch by Elsie Flannigan.
I love them both! The only thing wrong is the photos! As I siad before they lack a bit of oomph. Actually they are not quite as dark as on here, but they are a bit lacking in contrast and oomph, probably needed 'popping' with the little program I have from Kirsty.

Photography up at Highdown

I took my little camera up to Highdown this morning. The sky was intersting, and I thought it might be really clear. There is not much obvious to take photos of up there, but I am trying to be more creative! I am tryiong to take photos from different angles. I have used Kirsty's little popping program on these, becasue I printed a whole load of photos from Goodwood recently, and did a couple of Los, but I am disappointed in the lack of colour in the photos. They are not bad photos, quite well composed, and nicely in focus, just lacking that oomph!

This is looking down on Ferring. We walk along the Rife down there sometimes, and there is a great cafe on the beach. It's also good to walk along the greensward from the cafe.

Merlin had a wonderful time running through the long grass, you can just see him in the distance in this photo!

Pleased with the sky in this one!

Monday, July 02, 2007

weather (again)

Here are the photos I found of when we nearly got flooded in 1991. This huge puddle trickled out onto the road in the middle of the night right opposite our house! The weather is still awful here. I spent a second Sunday scrapping all day! Which is fab, but not what I expect to be doing at this time of year. Been working really hard on my 'When I grow up' book from Shimelle's class back in April. I've put a lot of personal stuff in it, so don't know if I'll show it to anyone.

We took Nicholas out for a celebratory meal on Saturday evening, for completing his A levels! L refused to come with us, and made a bit of a scene, which we all found rather upsetting, and when she did got out (to lancing to meet a boy we'd never heard of) she phoned us to say his Mum was going out and wouldn't let them all alone in the house, so they were going to his friend's in Shoreham!! Anyway, we went to Brighton to Donatellos which is a huge Italian restuarant and always lively and full of fun! A bit too much full of fun on Sat eve, full of hen parties!!! It was very noisy, too noisy really, and although the food was superb, and service excellent, we didn't really enjoy ourselves.