Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Photography up at Highdown

I took my little camera up to Highdown this morning. The sky was intersting, and I thought it might be really clear. There is not much obvious to take photos of up there, but I am trying to be more creative! I am tryiong to take photos from different angles. I have used Kirsty's little popping program on these, becasue I printed a whole load of photos from Goodwood recently, and did a couple of Los, but I am disappointed in the lack of colour in the photos. They are not bad photos, quite well composed, and nicely in focus, just lacking that oomph!

This is looking down on Ferring. We walk along the Rife down there sometimes, and there is a great cafe on the beach. It's also good to walk along the greensward from the cafe.

Merlin had a wonderful time running through the long grass, you can just see him in the distance in this photo!

Pleased with the sky in this one!

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