Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bryan Ferry

We went to see Bryan Ferry in concert at Petworth Park last Sunday evening. it was a long wait for him, we got there about 6.30pm with our picnic, the concert started at 7.30pm, but he didn't come on until 9pm! The first support band called Lucky Soul were quite good. They were a bit like Blondie. The second support was 2 girls called the stone fairies or something like that. They were quite good, but not as a warm up act! They sang folksy depressing songs in a kind of monotone! They had nice voices though, and I would probably listen to them just before going to sleep.

Bryan Ferry was absolutely wonderful! He really is the coolest, most handsome man in the universe! We were right at the front, becasue I wanted to make sure that I could see him properly. He is even more gorgeous as he gets older!

He sang alot of songs from his latest CD Dylanesque, and a few oldies, like 'Shame', 'In Crowd', A Hard Rain's gonna fall' etc. His band was fab. There was a really young guy on lead guitar, who was fabulous, and of course his backing singers were dead cool too! His voice was really good: I had expected him to sound not so good, as older rock singers tend to (!), but I thought he sounded great. He looked absolutely fabulous in a black sequined jacket with a white shirt, and then he changed into a black suit with a bit of twinkle, a white shirt and narrow black tie. He played the harmonica alot.

There were a load of young people (16 - 18ish) backstage, who came out the front when BF started playing. One of them looked so like BF, he had to be his son! They were having a great time, drinking, smoking and dancing! Fancy having BF as your Dad, and being able to take all your friends to his concert - how cool is that?!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about him ever since - it's like a teenage crush!!! It's a bit unsettling really. I've put all his CDs on my MP3 player now, and even bought a new one this week (£4 in Woolworth) which has all the old greatest hits. My favourite track ever is 'In Crowd' - love that guitar.

It is something about the lead guitar that really makes a song special for me. I don't know enough about guitars to tell you what it is exactly, but I do like a good riff! The music that really stirs me is rock, but not too heavy. I really like something a bit complicated too, not too light and simple. Hence what really turns me on is groups like Led Zeppelin, old Roxy Music stuff, and I adore Richard Ashcroft at the moment. I like listening to lighter stuff too, but this is what really stirs something inside.

I bought a music magazine this week, and was thrilled to see an interview with BF, although he looks a bit contrived in the photos, like he has arranged himself in the way he thinks looks cool! The only problem with the magazine though is it is full of bands who take lots of drugs and alcohol! I'm going to look at their website and download some stuff, reall cool eh?

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