Monday, July 02, 2007

weather (again)

Here are the photos I found of when we nearly got flooded in 1991. This huge puddle trickled out onto the road in the middle of the night right opposite our house! The weather is still awful here. I spent a second Sunday scrapping all day! Which is fab, but not what I expect to be doing at this time of year. Been working really hard on my 'When I grow up' book from Shimelle's class back in April. I've put a lot of personal stuff in it, so don't know if I'll show it to anyone.

We took Nicholas out for a celebratory meal on Saturday evening, for completing his A levels! L refused to come with us, and made a bit of a scene, which we all found rather upsetting, and when she did got out (to lancing to meet a boy we'd never heard of) she phoned us to say his Mum was going out and wouldn't let them all alone in the house, so they were going to his friend's in Shoreham!! Anyway, we went to Brighton to Donatellos which is a huge Italian restuarant and always lively and full of fun! A bit too much full of fun on Sat eve, full of hen parties!!! It was very noisy, too noisy really, and although the food was superb, and service excellent, we didn't really enjoy ourselves.

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