Thursday, June 28, 2007

What awful weather!

June has been a total washout this year. As we near the end of the month, I can honestly say that I have not fancied being out in the garden at all, and my tan is non-exis!tant. As I look out of the window now, it is dry, but windy, grey and cold!!! There have been no hot nights, when I have had to throw off the quilt.

There have been massive floods in the north of the country, especially around Sheffield. How awful it must be to have your house flooded. The flood waters are usually very dirty, and ruin all your furniture, walls, floors and belongings! It will take a long time for all those householders to get back to normal. There is a dam that is cracked, and might breach. If it deos there are homes in the way!

The nearest we got to being flooded was when we lived on the seafront. Between the sea and our house was a big green, then a bank, then pebbles down to the sea. We reckoned that we were actullay below sea level. When there were winter high tides coupled with high winds, the bank used to leak, and the green flooded. The green was not completely flat, and ther was a dip in it that came onto the road right opposite our house. One night the sea water flooded the road, and was just lapping our drive! I found the photos the other day, so when I get a moment, I'll scan them in.

The forecast for the weekend is for much more torrential rain for the whole country. Poor people who are already flooded!

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MJ said...

I saw the footage on the news yesterday, those poor people must be devastating to lose all your belongings like that.

hope the weather cheers up a bit soon.

MJ xx