Sunday, January 31, 2010

walk no 6 Worthing Seafront

I decided to take my camera with me on a walk along Worthing seafront this morning as it was so nice and bright.  Abit chilly though, look there’s still frost on Marine Gardens

walk 6 002

I always have to take a picture of these beach huts!  They are doing a lot of work to the prom, reinstating the cycle route, so that’s workmen stuff in the background.

walk 6 004

Then I decided to concentrate on the buildings on the seafront.  Here’s a bit of Heene Terrace:

walk 6 005

And the Beach Hotel.  They are due to do some alterations to this building, but I love the 1940s/50s style:

walk 6 007 

I think that little cottage is called the ‘Fisherman’s Cottage’, peeping through the palm tree!

walk 6 009

Then I decided to take pictures of the seafront shelters:

walk 6 012 walk 6 008

walk 6 013

And then back up Grand Avenue.  This is Dolphin Lodge at the end of Grand Avenue.  It was originally built as a hotel, but has always been flats.

walk 6 014

The ‘new’ bit on the seafront end has this amazing mosaic on the side.  I love the 1960s feel to it!

walk 6 018

Here’s one of the Ilex trees of which Grand Avenue is famous for!  I didn’t realise how much this one leaned over until I took this picture!

walk 6 021

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th

The 3rd prompt for 52in10 challenge is ‘What would you tell your younger self?’

Well, I know what I would say….  Go to university – do NOT take the job as a trainee accountant!  I was 17 when I met Maurice and although it sounds corny, it was love at first sight!  I took my A levels (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and was applying to university to do Biochemistry.  I even applied and sat entrance exams for Oxford!  But, we decided that we couldn’t live without each other and wanted to get married.  img004 (2)


So I  didn’t go to university, I got a job as a trainee accountant.  I qualified as an accountant – and worked in accountancy for 10 years, eventually having my own clients when I had the children.

Well, we have been very happily married for 31 years now, and our children are 18 and 21.  I did go to university- when I was 39, and took a degree in Neuroscience.  (One of my greatest achievements - I got a first!)  I am glad I did go eventually, but it was not the same as going when you are 18.  The children were young, and I didn’t have time or inclination to socialise.  I really enjoyed my degree, and it bought up huge regrets that I didn’t go earlier, and have a career in Science.  It has taken me years to work through the regret, first of all blaming others for not ‘making’ me go (!) and then realising that it was MY decision, and at that time NO ONE would have persuaded me otherwise.  So I guess what I would say would be ‘go and get a science job!’ not ‘go to university!’.  I have absolutely no regrets about getting married, and have had a very happy life!

wigu1 copy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17th

A stroll along Brighton seafront.  It was a lovely afternoon and I invited Mum over for a roast dinner.  We made the effort to go somewhere different with her after dinner.

Brighton 002

Brighton 004

Brighton 007

Brighton 012

Brighton 010

Brighton 016

Brighton 011

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walk number 3

I know I am a bit ahead of myself here, but I just had to have some snowy pictures in this series of walks!  We have had snow on the ground for 1 week now – unheard of in these parts!!!  The pavements have been treacherous, and Merlin pulls hard, so walking him has been a nightmare!  I have mostly walked him round to the park, and as it snowed again overnight I thought I would take my camera this morning.  The new snow looks very pretty, but is quite slushy, so will hopefully go soon!  I am fed up with it now….

Stepping out of my front door, the bushes look really pretty.

snow 056

Turning to walk north up my road

snow 058

Turn left into Rugby Road

snow 059

Right into The Drive.  I love these colourful terrace houses!

snow 060

Left into tarring Road.  That’s the railway line to the right of the picture with the footbridge in the distance

snow 061

And into West Park

snow 062

Here’s Merlin eating a snowball that I threw for him!  He has loved the snow!

snow 066

Just managed to take this one before the battery ran out!

snow 068

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goals for 2010

This is the second of Scrapdolly’s 52in10 challenge. 


Following on from prompt 1 which was about what I achieved in the first decade of the 21st century, it’s time to blog about my goals for this year.

I have a list of scrapbook/photography challenges:

  • continue with my 365 project
  • this 52in10 project, not sure how yet, so I am blogging the prompts for now.  Might do an 8 x 8 album
  • 52 walks.  Easy to take the photos as I am always walking the dog!  And we have already put one Sunday per month as a long dog walk.  What to do with the photos?  Blog them on here and possibly put them in divided page protectors from Arrowfile.
  • Scrap weekly in 2010 Hoping to use these prompts in my general scrapbooking!  Maybe a 2010 album?

Otherwise, I am particpating in a goals workshop over on  I absolutely love this site!  So far, I have written down about 60 dreams!  Next week’s lesson is about converting them into goals

I think that if I have to pick 4 goals for 2010:

  1. Exercise regularly and eat more healthily
  2. Get on top of finances, save some money!
  3. Take time for creativity – need to build regular time slots each week
  4. Take time for family and friends

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Walk number 2

An early morning walk to the beach!

walk no 2 001b

walk no 2 002b walk no 2 004b

walk no 2 007b

You don’t very often see seaweed all frosty!

walk no 2 008b

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What a decade!

Random thought on this decade.  This time 10 years ago we were relieved that the millenium bug hadn’t hit!  All our computers were going to crash!!!  But thanks to the hard work of loads of computer geeks, (including Maurice!!) we were saved!

  • I finished my degree
  • we got a dog
  • Nicholas finished school and went to university
  • I started scrapbooking
  • I started quilting
  • I rekindled my love of photography
  • We got the internet!
  • We got mobile phones
  • We changed our car for the Honda CRV
  • My Dad died
  • Maurice’s Dad died
  • I made new friends through my hobbies
  • I tried teacher training, but failed!
  • I was a school govenor at West Park and Durrington
  • Maurice went on his first motorcycling holiday without me!
  • I lost some weight
  • I started dying my hair
  • Lucy met Tom
  • Nicholas met Freya
  • Lucy played volleyball and was an England Under 16 champion!
  • I started volunteering at the Family Centre and now work there part time
  • I started to research my family history and joined the Anglo-Italian family History Society
  • Maurice and I both turned 50
  • Nicholas entered his 20s
  • Lucy entered her teens (and didn’t we know it!!)


This is my answer to Scrapdolly’s 1st prompt for the 52in10 challenge for 2010.


Now I really must get on and start some housework!

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year’s Day - walk no 1

I have joined in the ‘52 walks’ challenge.  It shouldn’t be too hard as I am always walking the dog!  But I will try to vary my ‘walks’, that’ll be my challenge!


Walk number 1, easy peasy, my favourite local dog walk, over along Ferring Beach.

Park in the car park, through the gate and along the greensward.  It’s lovely because Merlin can be let off the lead straight away, and he can ferret in amongst the verge, run with other dogs along the green, or go down on the beach!

walk no 1 003

It is a beautiful sunny day, but freezing!  Here’s the frozen puddle, and it was so funny watching Merlin trying to find a piece where the ice was broken to drink the water!

walk no 1 007

That’s Bognor Regis in the distance!

walk no 1 009

walk no 1 011

Merlin having a roll on the grass!

walk no 1 018

Then back home for a steaming mug of coffee!  And now I have to organise myslef to take the Christmas decorations down and pack them all away:(