Sunday, January 31, 2010

walk no 6 Worthing Seafront

I decided to take my camera with me on a walk along Worthing seafront this morning as it was so nice and bright.  Abit chilly though, look there’s still frost on Marine Gardens

walk 6 002

I always have to take a picture of these beach huts!  They are doing a lot of work to the prom, reinstating the cycle route, so that’s workmen stuff in the background.

walk 6 004

Then I decided to concentrate on the buildings on the seafront.  Here’s a bit of Heene Terrace:

walk 6 005

And the Beach Hotel.  They are due to do some alterations to this building, but I love the 1940s/50s style:

walk 6 007 

I think that little cottage is called the ‘Fisherman’s Cottage’, peeping through the palm tree!

walk 6 009

Then I decided to take pictures of the seafront shelters:

walk 6 012 walk 6 008

walk 6 013

And then back up Grand Avenue.  This is Dolphin Lodge at the end of Grand Avenue.  It was originally built as a hotel, but has always been flats.

walk 6 014

The ‘new’ bit on the seafront end has this amazing mosaic on the side.  I love the 1960s feel to it!

walk 6 018

Here’s one of the Ilex trees of which Grand Avenue is famous for!  I didn’t realise how much this one leaned over until I took this picture!

walk 6 021

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Linda said...

Great photos Linda, though it does look a bit chilly. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, it means a lot.