Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worthing Museum minibbok

Here's just a few pages, cos Blogger is taking forever, and I haven't got the time really! The pages for this minibook were made at the Scrapper's Paradise weekend I went to last October! The photos were taken in April 2007, when Worthing Museum had an open day -behind the scenes of their costume gallery. They are quite renowned for their costume collection, and it was disappointing to see how badly it is all kept (no light or temeprature control!). Howeber, they did have some wonderful stuff , and we were allowed to just browse through all the dresses, shoes bags, hats etc! I could really get inot this, but I haven't got the time!!! My friend Pam is really interested in costume and does her family history around the clothes they might have worn. One of her ancestors left some dresses in her will, so pam researched what they might have looked like, and wrote a piece for a magazine about it. Fascinating!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The steam ship Waverley comes to Worthing once or twice per year, and does a day trip - this year to the Solent. It was a lovely day for a boat trip today, calm and quite warm and sunny. I rather wished I was on it myself! Well, when I heard on our local radio station (Splash FM) that it was sailing from the pier today, I rushed down there with my camera (and the dog!) and took these pics. Unfortunately, even though I have cropped the pics, the ship is still tiny!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few pics from my dog walk this morning. The sky actually looked quite threatening, but it didn't rain, thank goodness! But it did make for some interesting shots. It is amazing how different the same view can look when shooting away from or into the sun.

Here's merlin, he loves to forage in the scrubby grass between the shingle and the nicely mown grass! Nice smells I guess!

I really like this picture. It's taken with wide angle lens, and there is Merlin down by the sea!

These 3 photos are from the same vantage point, this one into the sun (the sun came out for a few mins!)

This one away from the sun, look at how muddy the sea looks. That's because it has been windy and the sand has got churned up in the sea.

The story to this one is that I found a lovely bit of seaweed to photogrpah, so put it on this bit of breakwater to photograph, but Merlin nicked it! One of his horrible habits is to eat seaweed! So I had to find another bit, this is not so colourful as the bit I first had!

Off to scrapbook this afternoon, so hoping to upload some craft photos later.

Monday, September 08, 2008

determined to get back to 'normal'

One of the things I used to do alot was take my camera with me down to the beach when I walk Merlin. I haven't taken it for ages! So here are some photos I took this morning:

Bottom of the groyne covered in seaweed. Love the texture!

I am often trying to capture this 'long' view along the beach and trying to make it look interesting!

But my favourite subject is always the beach huts! I love them! I am really pleased with this shot, I got down on my knees and tilted the camera up slightly towards the sun, and it has worked much better than taking it straight on from a standing position. I took all these with Dad's pentax. Maybe tomorrow I will take my Nikon, and take similar photos and contrast them. That's if the weather is any good!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Teaching a Scrapbooking workshop!

I have just had a brilliant day! I led a workshop about scrapbooking for family centre workers from across the South East! (It was the south-east conference of 'Family Action', formerly FWA, and the theme was 'well-being') Judi from Worthing FC helped me, so we went shopping last week, and then both sorted out some bits from our own stash.

I decided to do a page '5 things about me', and do an A4 page, so as to keep it simple, and portable so they could keep it more easily than 12 x 12.

Here's the stash after the first session! I cut lots of scraps of pp, stickers, took stamps and punches, and we bought A4 card in different colours, sticky ribbons, and more stickers!

Hardly anyone followed my samples! They all had their own ideas, which was really great! Unfortunately, not many had bought a photo, so we cut white card 6 x 4 for them to stick their photo on to when they get home.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and several wanted to know how they could get started themselves. We also stressed ways in which they could use these ideas with families and people they work with. We decided it might be less daunting to them than say painting, as you don't need to be 'arty', and you can just enjoy the stash, the colours and texture for example.

Here are some of the finished pages. Everyone is completely different - something that always amazes me!

This is definately something I would like to do again sometime. Let's hope at least 1 person that joined in today takes it up more formally, and that it gets used in some 'therapeutic' way.