Monday, September 08, 2008

determined to get back to 'normal'

One of the things I used to do alot was take my camera with me down to the beach when I walk Merlin. I haven't taken it for ages! So here are some photos I took this morning:

Bottom of the groyne covered in seaweed. Love the texture!

I am often trying to capture this 'long' view along the beach and trying to make it look interesting!

But my favourite subject is always the beach huts! I love them! I am really pleased with this shot, I got down on my knees and tilted the camera up slightly towards the sun, and it has worked much better than taking it straight on from a standing position. I took all these with Dad's pentax. Maybe tomorrow I will take my Nikon, and take similar photos and contrast them. That's if the weather is any good!

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