Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worthing Museum minibbok

Here's just a few pages, cos Blogger is taking forever, and I haven't got the time really! The pages for this minibook were made at the Scrapper's Paradise weekend I went to last October! The photos were taken in April 2007, when Worthing Museum had an open day -behind the scenes of their costume gallery. They are quite renowned for their costume collection, and it was disappointing to see how badly it is all kept (no light or temeprature control!). Howeber, they did have some wonderful stuff , and we were allowed to just browse through all the dresses, shoes bags, hats etc! I could really get inot this, but I haven't got the time!!! My friend Pam is really interested in costume and does her family history around the clothes they might have worn. One of her ancestors left some dresses in her will, so pam researched what they might have looked like, and wrote a piece for a magazine about it. Fascinating!!


Anonymous said...

Great work Linda and I've enjoyed just catching up on your blog! Some great shots here!

lisa said...

Really like your mini album. What a great idea to make one about a museum. I always come away from those kinds of places with so make photos and only a few get scrapped. lis x