Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few pics from my dog walk this morning. The sky actually looked quite threatening, but it didn't rain, thank goodness! But it did make for some interesting shots. It is amazing how different the same view can look when shooting away from or into the sun.

Here's merlin, he loves to forage in the scrubby grass between the shingle and the nicely mown grass! Nice smells I guess!

I really like this picture. It's taken with wide angle lens, and there is Merlin down by the sea!

These 3 photos are from the same vantage point, this one into the sun (the sun came out for a few mins!)

This one away from the sun, look at how muddy the sea looks. That's because it has been windy and the sand has got churned up in the sea.

The story to this one is that I found a lovely bit of seaweed to photogrpah, so put it on this bit of breakwater to photograph, but Merlin nicked it! One of his horrible habits is to eat seaweed! So I had to find another bit, this is not so colourful as the bit I first had!

Off to scrapbook this afternoon, so hoping to upload some craft photos later.

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