Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MIL's birthday

It was MILs 85th birthday yesterday. DH decided it would be a good idea to take her out for lunch. But she really doesn't like going out for lunch! I suggested fish and chips in her flat. At first, she wanted to go out. Then she said oh no, she'd rather have chips. Then right on the morning of her b/day, she said she would go out, maybe to the Roundstone or Oystercatcher. R&J had been to the oystercatcher, so I think that took her fancy. We arrived a bit late about 12.30, becasue we had been for a walk up to Cissbury and not woken Lucy, so she was still in bed at 11!! After quite a bit of faffing about (OMG, I'm sure to be like that when I get old!!), we drove to O/C, not very far actually. DH went in to see how busy, not too bad, let's go in. As soon as we walked in, I could tell she wasn't going to like it!! It was quite dark, and reasonably busy, but not noisy. There were a lot of children (it is half-term). DH and L went to find a table, but I could tell MIL was very uncomfortable. We left without even sitting down! We drove back to Littlehampton, and parked right outside the chip shop. DH went in to order, but they are so slow!! MIL and I went for a short walk along the river. Fish and chips were good, nice and fresh, but it was gone 2.30pm by the time we ate them!! WE were starving, and consequently ate them a bit quick (Out of the paper, MIL insisted on having hers on aplate, more faffing about!) They laid a bit heavy for the rest of the day.

DH says he's taking lessons, so that he can be that bad when he gets older!! I don't think our kids will be so accommodating.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Bank Holiday weekend

It's the end of May bh weekend. I love all the little bits and poeces of holiday we get around now, Easter, early May and now end of May. The end of May is a particularly nice time of year because everything is growing so enthusiastically. My garden is looking very lush and green, especially as we've had a bit of rain lately. Highdown where I like to take the dog is looking great, long grass dotted with buttercups. Here is a photo I took yesterday morning.

It's still not very warm though! It's just poured down, more like April showers.

I did loads of gardening yesterday, planted my pots for the patio, and the corner that we cleared several weeks ago. Boy was I stiff this morning though! A good walk along Ferring seafront fixed that. It was Chelsea Flower Show this week. I'm very tempted to go next year. It suddenly occured to me that I could go without Mum and Dad! I always do garden shows, gardens and garden centres with them, never anyone else! I would post a picture of my garden, but I've accidently deleted it before uploading, woops! I'll have to take some more.

Mum and Dad came for as cup of tea this afternoon. Dad didn't seem too bad, coughing a bit, and got tired quickly. Lucy is out with Gemma, Nicholas is going out later for bowling. Maybe we should hire another film? We hired 'The Constant Gardener' on Saturday. It was really good- just the right amount of intrigue to keep us watching! Well acted, and filmed. Lovely with a glass of red wine and some Bombay Mix to nibble at!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've been tagged...

I've been tagged by MJ, so here goes:

5 things in my Fridge:
old jar of jam
cold meat

5 things in my wardrobe:
1 dress
children's christmas stockings

5 things in my bag:
credit card wallet

5 things in my car:
steering wheel
insurance details
dog blanket
wine carrier

5 things I watch on TV (I don't have skyplus)
Dr Who
New Tricks
Gardeners World
The Apprentice
Last of the Summer Wine

Saturday, May 27, 2006

a busy week

This week has been one of those weeks where I have rushed about after everyone else. I had to take my Dad (and Mum) to hammersmith Hospital for his 6 monthly check up on Thursday. They were very nervous about it because Dad has been so unwell lately. He has myeloma, a sort of blood cancer, which can be treated, but never cured, so it keeps coming back. With him being so unwell lately, they thought it had probably come back. Well they did all the tests yesterday and x-rays (it affects his bones), but they won't have the results until next week. It was a very long day for dad, 2 hours driving (M25, A40, yuck), 2 hours waiting in the hospital, and 2.5 hours back. I was knackered!!

Went to see them on Fri am, Dad's very tired, but I think they are glad to get Thursday over. Mum doesn't drive, and they took their car into the garage Wed early am, so I gave them a lift to the garage to pick it up. I think dad can just about drive safely on short journeys!!

Luckily my wonderful friend Sarah made us lunch yesterday! It was lovley, a real oasis of calm!

Been rushing around after DD, getting her from school, and making tea for DD and friend, then getting them off to the theatre for 5pm (4.30 on Tues!) I felt quite good about it, cos I gave them high carb meals to keep them going. M has made her bacon sandwiches when she got back! We went to see the show on Wed, with Mum and dad (Dad had to go out a couple of times becasue of his coughing) It was really really good, with loads of dancers from aged 2 to 18. DD and her group were in loads of dances, probably the most spectacular was Viva Las Vegas. They were dressed like showgirls, with leotards, silver tops, silver high heeled shoes, and a most fantastic huge feather headdress! Wonderful!

I've been working on a heritage LO all week. It's of my Grandad and his mates at training camp in WW1. I've been carefully distressing everything, and I'm pleased with it now. Still needs a couplemore items. Might look on google images in a mo.

I rather hurridly completed a CJ entry this morning, so I could send it off on the deadline. Quite pleased with it in the end. I had been thinking about it all week, planning in my mind, but I should really have done it earlier, and not left it till today!

We are doing a 'page swap' CJ in our UKS team. Looking forward to getting going with that.

A few new stamps came this week from eBay. Butterflies and dragonflies (homemeade - hope they last!), little tiny cute garden themed trio, and some vintage buckles for Sbing!

Friday, May 19, 2006

A windy day!

Just typing in that title reminds me of a Postman Pat story, 'Pat's Windy day'!! I remember Mrs (can't remember her name, had twins, I think) hanging out the washing as it was a good drying day!! I did hang out Nicholas's anorak, and it was drying nicely, and then it rained, and now it's all wet again.

I could hardly stand up on the beach this morning. There was that awful panicky feeling becasue I found it hard to breathe. Stupidly, I walked along eastwards before I got to ther beach, and walking westwards on the beach was virtually impossible. So I walked along to heene Road, and back round the streets. When I got in, the phone rang, and it was DD's school, asking me to pick her up becasue it was likely that she had conjunctivitis. Lucky DD! Being told she MUST go home!! WE stopped off at the chemist and got some ointment.

I took Mum and dad out for lunch. Haven't seen them for a while because of colds and flu and chest infections. They seemed OK, a bit tired, still coughing a bit. They are going to see Michelle go to her prom tonight, so I left them at home about 2 for a rest. Bought some bedding plants at Old Barn. I will have to put them in this weekend.

Scrapped a bit this afternoon, finished off handbags CJ. Managed to persuade DD to do a bit too, but she only managed 1 page before she got bored.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

may 16

Rushing around again! Took the dog for a wlk down the beach, it's warming up out there, so had to carry coat and fleecy! Taking DD to drs in a min, then family centre for work, back here for lunch, and off to FC again this afternoon.

DD has dance tonight, and DH not going to his mums, so I'm not sure who is going to take DD and friends!! I need to do my Spanish homework.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another busy weekend

After 3 Saturdays out on the trot, (New Forest to meet my UKS team, London for SOG Family History fair for AIFHS AGM, and Newbury for a crop), I have a Saturday in!

But, I have to organise for a big dinner tomorrow, 11 to cook for. 2DBILs, 2Nephews and OHs, and us 4. What really p****** me off is that I have to clear away my scrap stuff from the dining room table!! And the Scrapettes have set challenges for those of us not going to Bonanza. I really love challenges, and want to have a go. So I'm leaving the scrap clearing until late tonight so I might have an hour later.

R & J are coming from Scotland via Bournemouth, some sort of reunion. But they haven't told us when they are coming to Worthing/Littlehampton. So they don't know what time lunch is, and J has been invited to arrive about 11.30am. DD has a big dance rehearsal which starts at 1.45pm, so we have to eat early! I'm starting to feel stressed!

Just off to town with DD for last minute costume stuff and b'day pressie for my friends DD, then shopping at sainsburys, then more dance rehearsals.

We have all got colds!! I spent another night downstairs on the sofa. (I'm feeling especially guilty for not seeing Mum and dad all week, but can't risk Dad getting another chest infection). DH is making the most of it today!! DD and DS not too bad.

After a really gorgeous day yesterday, it is beginning to cloud over now, and is cooler.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just got back from evening dog walk. The tide was out just enough to show some sand at the bottom of the breakwaters, so Merlin was able to run about a bit. It was a cold wind down on the beach.

Got a bit of a cold at the mo. Not bad enough to make me feel really ill, but enough to stop me being able to see Mum and dad. Dad is just recovering after a nasty chest infection so don't want to give him anything else. He has a bad pain in his leg which could be something to do with coughing, or could be the myeloma coming back. Mum says it's a bit easier today, so maybe it is a trapped nerve caused by coughing, and will get better slowly. Trouble is, it's keeping them awake at night, and they are not able to get out, so are feeling a bit depressed, and frustratingly, I can't help!

Stayed to lunch at the Family Centre today. Pizza and salad. Just trying to work out whether 5 pieces of pizza is allowed on my diet!

Off to tackle Spanish homework. Must do something towards my CJ which is due to be posted on Sat.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I thought I'd put a link to my blog on my UKS signature. So I wanted to edit a bit of March 31st entry. But now March 31st is not in the right order. Ooops!

March 31st

It was my birthday on Sat. Maurice bought me a watch ( I lost my old one this time last year!), Nicholas a box of chocs and Lucy made a lovley photo frame, and she'd chosen piccies of me for it, and decorated the mount. Mum and Dad bought me new secateurs and scrapbooking papers, Sarah some twiggy lights and a brown vase to put them in, Angela, expensive bath oil. I did some scrapping in the morning, did my CJ entry Pets. M and I went out to Chichester in the afternoon and had a cake. It poured with rain (M says it always does in Chi) . Went to Spotted Cow for dinner with Mum and Dad, it was great. I had soup for starters and then trout.

It was mother's day on Sun. We went to see M's mum, and stayed there too long, cos we waited to see John, who was going for dinner. When we got home, N and L had made a cake, and were going to cook the roast dinner. They did a splendid job, roast lamb, roast potatoes, lots of veg, ohh I forgot, prawn cocktail for starters, and then strudel or cake for pudding. YUM. And they cleared up! Best mother's day pressie I think I've ever had.

This week has been pretty normal. Housework and AIFHS on Mon, work at family centre on Tues (but I'm having the next 2 weeks off), Scrapping and Spanish on Wed (gonna give up Spanish cos Maribel is leaving at the end of the summer term. I want to do something arty), saw M and D for lunch at Old Barn Nurserys at Ashington on Thurs, and have been to Sarah's for coffee this morning, and to Muldoons for lunch with Linda and Margaret.

I ordered a huge parcel from Canny Crafts cos they had free P&P, and 10% off. I ordered several 8 x 8 albums, some bright paper, and TH distress inks. Must have a go with them later. I am hosting my first swap on UKS, prima flowers. I'm pretty laid back, so I really don't mind if it ends up that I put more things in the swap than I get out of it. It's just a bit of fun, well supposed to be. Talking of swaps I received my original calander swaps tags back. She's had them since about Oct! Luckily, someone else is up for hosting yet another ct swap! Otherwise I'm left with 12 July tags!!

It's been a bit quiet on Uks, and I'm dying for ukstampers to really get going. Actually, it has just occured to me that I should post on there myself!

Funny thing happened yesterday! I went to Sainsbury's and realised just as I got to the check out with my full trolley that I didn't have my credit cards. I would have to leave the shopping and come back with the money. But, as luck would have it, I bumped into Sarah L, and she offered to pay for it for me, and I send her a cheque. PHew!!!

Monday morning

Just been for a rather wet doggy walk. Can't complain really as we had a nice drop or two of rain last night. It wasn't really raining when I went out, and not cold or windy so could have been worse. The grass is quite long and Merlin gets very wet underneath !

I've got a lot to do today housework , Family History stuff , Circle Journal to finish

I'm going to start the day by organising my diary on Outlook here on the computer. I keep forgetting appointments (dentist, school govenors' meetings ) so I need desperately to be more organised. I always thought I was quite an organised person, but lately it has all gone to pot . I backed up my file of 2005 photos yesterday, and thought i'd organise them a bit better, but it would take forever! I have several copies of most photos in all sorts of different folders. How did that happen?

I've got a horrible cough that kept me awake all night. I nearly went on UKS at 3am to see if anyone was around!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The warmest day of the year!

What a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, and the air is actually warm. It's the first time this year that the air has felt warm, and there is a lovely smell and feel to the air. Spring is finally here!

I just sat in the garden for 10 mins with a cup of coffee, and saw loads of birds, pigeons, balckbird, great tit, and I can hear loads singing even now as I sit at my computer. I saw butterflies, bees and other flying insects. Fab!

Took Merlin for a walk along Ferring beach today. I couldn't decide whether to wear my coat, but decided to take it anyway, and pockets are useful for poop scoop, bags, treats, keys etc. I was glad I had it on becasue there was quite a strong breeze along the beach. Here are some photos: