Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just got back from evening dog walk. The tide was out just enough to show some sand at the bottom of the breakwaters, so Merlin was able to run about a bit. It was a cold wind down on the beach.

Got a bit of a cold at the mo. Not bad enough to make me feel really ill, but enough to stop me being able to see Mum and dad. Dad is just recovering after a nasty chest infection so don't want to give him anything else. He has a bad pain in his leg which could be something to do with coughing, or could be the myeloma coming back. Mum says it's a bit easier today, so maybe it is a trapped nerve caused by coughing, and will get better slowly. Trouble is, it's keeping them awake at night, and they are not able to get out, so are feeling a bit depressed, and frustratingly, I can't help!

Stayed to lunch at the Family Centre today. Pizza and salad. Just trying to work out whether 5 pieces of pizza is allowed on my diet!

Off to tackle Spanish homework. Must do something towards my CJ which is due to be posted on Sat.

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