Saturday, May 27, 2006

a busy week

This week has been one of those weeks where I have rushed about after everyone else. I had to take my Dad (and Mum) to hammersmith Hospital for his 6 monthly check up on Thursday. They were very nervous about it because Dad has been so unwell lately. He has myeloma, a sort of blood cancer, which can be treated, but never cured, so it keeps coming back. With him being so unwell lately, they thought it had probably come back. Well they did all the tests yesterday and x-rays (it affects his bones), but they won't have the results until next week. It was a very long day for dad, 2 hours driving (M25, A40, yuck), 2 hours waiting in the hospital, and 2.5 hours back. I was knackered!!

Went to see them on Fri am, Dad's very tired, but I think they are glad to get Thursday over. Mum doesn't drive, and they took their car into the garage Wed early am, so I gave them a lift to the garage to pick it up. I think dad can just about drive safely on short journeys!!

Luckily my wonderful friend Sarah made us lunch yesterday! It was lovley, a real oasis of calm!

Been rushing around after DD, getting her from school, and making tea for DD and friend, then getting them off to the theatre for 5pm (4.30 on Tues!) I felt quite good about it, cos I gave them high carb meals to keep them going. M has made her bacon sandwiches when she got back! We went to see the show on Wed, with Mum and dad (Dad had to go out a couple of times becasue of his coughing) It was really really good, with loads of dancers from aged 2 to 18. DD and her group were in loads of dances, probably the most spectacular was Viva Las Vegas. They were dressed like showgirls, with leotards, silver tops, silver high heeled shoes, and a most fantastic huge feather headdress! Wonderful!

I've been working on a heritage LO all week. It's of my Grandad and his mates at training camp in WW1. I've been carefully distressing everything, and I'm pleased with it now. Still needs a couplemore items. Might look on google images in a mo.

I rather hurridly completed a CJ entry this morning, so I could send it off on the deadline. Quite pleased with it in the end. I had been thinking about it all week, planning in my mind, but I should really have done it earlier, and not left it till today!

We are doing a 'page swap' CJ in our UKS team. Looking forward to getting going with that.

A few new stamps came this week from eBay. Butterflies and dragonflies (homemeade - hope they last!), little tiny cute garden themed trio, and some vintage buckles for Sbing!

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