Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday morning

Just been for a rather wet doggy walk. Can't complain really as we had a nice drop or two of rain last night. It wasn't really raining when I went out, and not cold or windy so could have been worse. The grass is quite long and Merlin gets very wet underneath !

I've got a lot to do today housework , Family History stuff , Circle Journal to finish

I'm going to start the day by organising my diary on Outlook here on the computer. I keep forgetting appointments (dentist, school govenors' meetings ) so I need desperately to be more organised. I always thought I was quite an organised person, but lately it has all gone to pot . I backed up my file of 2005 photos yesterday, and thought i'd organise them a bit better, but it would take forever! I have several copies of most photos in all sorts of different folders. How did that happen?

I've got a horrible cough that kept me awake all night. I nearly went on UKS at 3am to see if anyone was around!

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MJ said...

Linda - you've been tagged!

If you want to play (no obligation, I know how busy you are) pop over to my blog...cut, paste and answer the questions, and pass on to someone else!