Monday, May 29, 2006

Bank Holiday weekend

It's the end of May bh weekend. I love all the little bits and poeces of holiday we get around now, Easter, early May and now end of May. The end of May is a particularly nice time of year because everything is growing so enthusiastically. My garden is looking very lush and green, especially as we've had a bit of rain lately. Highdown where I like to take the dog is looking great, long grass dotted with buttercups. Here is a photo I took yesterday morning.

It's still not very warm though! It's just poured down, more like April showers.

I did loads of gardening yesterday, planted my pots for the patio, and the corner that we cleared several weeks ago. Boy was I stiff this morning though! A good walk along Ferring seafront fixed that. It was Chelsea Flower Show this week. I'm very tempted to go next year. It suddenly occured to me that I could go without Mum and Dad! I always do garden shows, gardens and garden centres with them, never anyone else! I would post a picture of my garden, but I've accidently deleted it before uploading, woops! I'll have to take some more.

Mum and Dad came for as cup of tea this afternoon. Dad didn't seem too bad, coughing a bit, and got tired quickly. Lucy is out with Gemma, Nicholas is going out later for bowling. Maybe we should hire another film? We hired 'The Constant Gardener' on Saturday. It was really good- just the right amount of intrigue to keep us watching! Well acted, and filmed. Lovely with a glass of red wine and some Bombay Mix to nibble at!

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