Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another busy weekend

After 3 Saturdays out on the trot, (New Forest to meet my UKS team, London for SOG Family History fair for AIFHS AGM, and Newbury for a crop), I have a Saturday in!

But, I have to organise for a big dinner tomorrow, 11 to cook for. 2DBILs, 2Nephews and OHs, and us 4. What really p****** me off is that I have to clear away my scrap stuff from the dining room table!! And the Scrapettes have set challenges for those of us not going to Bonanza. I really love challenges, and want to have a go. So I'm leaving the scrap clearing until late tonight so I might have an hour later.

R & J are coming from Scotland via Bournemouth, some sort of reunion. But they haven't told us when they are coming to Worthing/Littlehampton. So they don't know what time lunch is, and J has been invited to arrive about 11.30am. DD has a big dance rehearsal which starts at 1.45pm, so we have to eat early! I'm starting to feel stressed!

Just off to town with DD for last minute costume stuff and b'day pressie for my friends DD, then shopping at sainsburys, then more dance rehearsals.

We have all got colds!! I spent another night downstairs on the sofa. (I'm feeling especially guilty for not seeing Mum and dad all week, but can't risk Dad getting another chest infection). DH is making the most of it today!! DD and DS not too bad.

After a really gorgeous day yesterday, it is beginning to cloud over now, and is cooler.

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