Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Here are some of the better pictures I've taken this Christmas! Always take 00's, most of them rubbish!

Anyway, this Christmas was supposed to be quiet, so Mum could spend some time 'sitting down'! What I really mean is some time when I don't have to talk to anyone, or get up again quite soon. In other words, I could go to sleep if I want, and I REALLY REALLY want to this Christmas!!! (I think it's all those early mornings!)

So Christmas eve started off stressful with having MIL over, who always puts us on edge! And I had a mammoth task to clear the dining room and cook roast lamb for dinner before she came. It went off OK really, and she did go home quite early, so we had a nice evening in front of the telly.

On Christmas day we got up at 8ish, haivng been woken by Nicholas! For the first time we hadn't put their stockings downstairs before we went to bed, so we sorted that, then all went down and opened pressies. Some lovely pressies this year. I am really pleased with Billy Piper book, Sense and Sensibilty DVD, salt and pepper mills, chocs etc. I was really pleased with the pic frame I got M and the book about Rossi.

M cooked us a brill breakfast, then N went to church, while me, M and L walked the dog along the beach. When we got back I realised I hadn't made a card for N's birthday (18 on 27th), so I managed to sneakily do that while everyone went on computers and looked at their pressies.

We had a quick lunch of pate on taost, I put the turkey in, and then we went to Mum and Dad's for the afternoon. Lots more pressies! We took Merlin, who refused to settle, but is quite funny to watch! When we got home we finished cooking the tea, and sat in the dining room which was lovely. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

After tea (we couldn't eat any pudding!) we watched Dr Who, which was great, and then Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special, Vicar of Dibley (very funny), and then I went to bed! A sort of quiet Christmas, but I still haven't 'sat down'. Maybe I'll go and do it right now!

Boxing Day swim

Here we are arriving at the beach. That's my Mum and Dad, DD Lucy in the white coat, me in the red coat and silly hat, and DS Nicholas in the even more silly hat. Goodness it was cold!

We had to line up behind a tape, and count down until 11am. Then we RAN as fast as we could into the sea. The tide was quite a long way out, so it was along run, so I dropped DD's hand pretty quickly! The water was really bone chillingly cold, but I kept on going! We were supposed to get our shoulders wet, so I really wanted to get out far enough just to bob down, but our beach is extrememly flat, and it's a very long way to get to deeper water when the tide is out. We ran back to the beach, although I didn't feel too bad then. Just lucky it wasn't too windy! We went back to Andrew's house for hot drinks, whiskey, brandy etc, and to exchange presents.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Highdown on a frosty morning

I went for a gorgeopus walk this morning up to Highdown. Yesterday I went earlier and it was foggy, sunny and frosty, but I forgot my camera!!! So here are some photos from this morning, just frosty and sunny, but with rolling fog in the river valley.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The lounge

Well, we've nearly finished, yipeee!! The fireplace came on Friday, and looks stunning, and we spent the weekend finishing off the wallpaper and painting. Yesterday, the carpet was fitted. It is a gorgeous quality carpet, really springy when you walk on it, and it has a little fleck in it, so hoping dog hairs won't show up too much iykwim!!!

It's been a bit of a struggle, decorating at this time of year. I thought it was a good idea, cos it gets it done for Christmas, which we have, except for the sofas, and curtains. But, we have taken a very long time over it (about 6 weeks!!), just doing bits at weekends. We haven't been stressed with the actual decorating (except for maybe the wallpaper hanging), but I have found it stressful to have a room empty for so long. The 2 setteees have been in the dining room for 2 weeks, which is NOT big enough!!! So we've been clambouring over them to get to the table which is where my scrapping stuff is! No, what has been the worst thing is that I haven't been able to enjoy the run-up to Christmas so much. Last year I really enjoyed my Christmas Journal, and I so wanted to do it again and better this year, but have only done days 1 &2. I think I might have to save it for next year now! (I've saved all the prompts) I also haven't really been able to savour making the Christmas cards, or the book for Nicholas. I have just fitted them around everything else. I also haven't made a Christmas pudding this year, decided to cut my losses and buy one (that's if there's any left!!)

We bought wall-lights yesterday, and a ceiling light, but the ceiling light won't be here until Wednesday. We saw a lamp as well in the shop, so might meet Mum and dad in town on Wed to see if they will buy it for us for Christmas. It's one of those lights where you touch the base and it comes on, and when you touch it again, it comes on brighter!

Monday, December 11, 2006

walking the dog.

I took Merlind down the beach this morning. I got very wet and cold, especially as he wouldn't come when called. He eats seaweed on the beach (and we often get to see it again later ifykwim!!) and wouldn't come, then wouldn't have his lead on. He wants to play instead!!! I was standing in the freezing cold wind, getting wetter and wetter! The wind was blowing the rain so hard it hurt on my face . I so hated that walk back from the beach this morning, and I had to wait for loads of traffic before we could cross Mill Road.

So as soon as I got home I had a really hot shower, and now I have a cup of coffee in front of the computer and feel 100x better!

I've caught up on ukscrappers forum. Christmas Traditions CJ has been sent early, so I'm on target with that. UKStampers 1st CJ is supposed to be posted today, but I haven't even received it yet. Guess I ought to chase that up.

AIFHS - only 1 new member to do today. Will do that in a min,

I wanted to make loads of Christmas cards this year. But I've only made about 5! I'm going to sit down this afternoon and see how many I can make, and then anyone left will have to have a bought one. I did choose some quite nice ones this year, I usually just buy the cheapest!!

Decorating is coming along well. We spent all day yesterday wallpapering, and have finished as far as we can until the fireplace is in. Loads to do next weekend, but I think we'll do it. Carpet is coming on Monday, so we should be fairly straight by Monday evening.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lots to do!

Well, I have only doen pages 1 & 2 of my Christmas Journal!!! I'll take it on Sat to my Brighton crop and try to get up to date. I'm not stressing about it becasue I did do it last year, and I can't really think of anything different to write, just different ways of layout.

Christmas card making - I have now made 5! And I'm quite pleased with them. But I bought some more today so I don't have to feel stressed to make them all by the weekend!

Present shopping is coming along very nicely. I have bought most of N & L's stocking presents, but will leave some for the last minute for the fun! Bought DH a fabby book about Valentino Rossi, really pleased with that. Also subscription to the NT. This morning I ordered a frame with 3 old photos of Birmingham for Dad. Mum wants a handbag, so I'll get that on saturday.

DD's birthday is tomorrow and I have all her pressies ready to wrap, must go and do that in a min! DS has just gone out to buy her a present! I've been food shopping today and bought nibbles for tomorrow night. DB,SIL, 2 x DNs and grandparents are coming over for srinks and nibbles. Cake is also bought! Quite organised really.

DS album through the years is coming on. I probably won't finishe it now in time, but at least I have several LOs in there now so that I can give it to him, and add to it later.

Need to do still:
write and post cards
wrap presents
buy the rest of presents
order turkey
organise food, write list, decide when to go shopping
organise DS's party (27th Dec! EEEK!)
finish decorating lounge in time for fireplace being fitted on 15th and carpet on 19th. Then I can buy a Christmas tree!
Decorate the house for Christmas
Get sponsors for my boxing day swim.