Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

Here are some of the better pictures I've taken this Christmas! Always take 00's, most of them rubbish!

Anyway, this Christmas was supposed to be quiet, so Mum could spend some time 'sitting down'! What I really mean is some time when I don't have to talk to anyone, or get up again quite soon. In other words, I could go to sleep if I want, and I REALLY REALLY want to this Christmas!!! (I think it's all those early mornings!)

So Christmas eve started off stressful with having MIL over, who always puts us on edge! And I had a mammoth task to clear the dining room and cook roast lamb for dinner before she came. It went off OK really, and she did go home quite early, so we had a nice evening in front of the telly.

On Christmas day we got up at 8ish, haivng been woken by Nicholas! For the first time we hadn't put their stockings downstairs before we went to bed, so we sorted that, then all went down and opened pressies. Some lovely pressies this year. I am really pleased with Billy Piper book, Sense and Sensibilty DVD, salt and pepper mills, chocs etc. I was really pleased with the pic frame I got M and the book about Rossi.

M cooked us a brill breakfast, then N went to church, while me, M and L walked the dog along the beach. When we got back I realised I hadn't made a card for N's birthday (18 on 27th), so I managed to sneakily do that while everyone went on computers and looked at their pressies.

We had a quick lunch of pate on taost, I put the turkey in, and then we went to Mum and Dad's for the afternoon. Lots more pressies! We took Merlin, who refused to settle, but is quite funny to watch! When we got home we finished cooking the tea, and sat in the dining room which was lovely. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

After tea (we couldn't eat any pudding!) we watched Dr Who, which was great, and then Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special, Vicar of Dibley (very funny), and then I went to bed! A sort of quiet Christmas, but I still haven't 'sat down'. Maybe I'll go and do it right now!

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MJ said...

What goregous photos hun, looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. You were so brave with the BOxing Day Dip too.

Have a lovely New Year, and may 2007 bring you all health and happiness.

MJ xx