Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day swim

Here we are arriving at the beach. That's my Mum and Dad, DD Lucy in the white coat, me in the red coat and silly hat, and DS Nicholas in the even more silly hat. Goodness it was cold!

We had to line up behind a tape, and count down until 11am. Then we RAN as fast as we could into the sea. The tide was quite a long way out, so it was along run, so I dropped DD's hand pretty quickly! The water was really bone chillingly cold, but I kept on going! We were supposed to get our shoulders wet, so I really wanted to get out far enough just to bob down, but our beach is extrememly flat, and it's a very long way to get to deeper water when the tide is out. We ran back to the beach, although I didn't feel too bad then. Just lucky it wasn't too windy! We went back to Andrew's house for hot drinks, whiskey, brandy etc, and to exchange presents.

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Flo said...

I'm impressed!!!

you mad woman you :)