Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lots to do!

Well, I have only doen pages 1 & 2 of my Christmas Journal!!! I'll take it on Sat to my Brighton crop and try to get up to date. I'm not stressing about it becasue I did do it last year, and I can't really think of anything different to write, just different ways of layout.

Christmas card making - I have now made 5! And I'm quite pleased with them. But I bought some more today so I don't have to feel stressed to make them all by the weekend!

Present shopping is coming along very nicely. I have bought most of N & L's stocking presents, but will leave some for the last minute for the fun! Bought DH a fabby book about Valentino Rossi, really pleased with that. Also subscription to the NT. This morning I ordered a frame with 3 old photos of Birmingham for Dad. Mum wants a handbag, so I'll get that on saturday.

DD's birthday is tomorrow and I have all her pressies ready to wrap, must go and do that in a min! DS has just gone out to buy her a present! I've been food shopping today and bought nibbles for tomorrow night. DB,SIL, 2 x DNs and grandparents are coming over for srinks and nibbles. Cake is also bought! Quite organised really.

DS album through the years is coming on. I probably won't finishe it now in time, but at least I have several LOs in there now so that I can give it to him, and add to it later.

Need to do still:
write and post cards
wrap presents
buy the rest of presents
order turkey
organise food, write list, decide when to go shopping
organise DS's party (27th Dec! EEEK!)
finish decorating lounge in time for fireplace being fitted on 15th and carpet on 19th. Then I can buy a Christmas tree!
Decorate the house for Christmas
Get sponsors for my boxing day swim.

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MJ said...

Good god Linda you are busy, why didn't you ask everyone at the crop to sponsor you hun, put me down. I am glad I am not the only one falling behind with the Journal, I have at long last found a book so I suppose I am one step further and I am reading the prompts, and making a few notes!!!!!!!

Hope DD's Birthday went well and the party goes well too and that you finish all those jobs before Christmas and you don't catch something nasty going into the Sea in this weather!!!!

MJ xx