Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The lounge

Well, we've nearly finished, yipeee!! The fireplace came on Friday, and looks stunning, and we spent the weekend finishing off the wallpaper and painting. Yesterday, the carpet was fitted. It is a gorgeous quality carpet, really springy when you walk on it, and it has a little fleck in it, so hoping dog hairs won't show up too much iykwim!!!

It's been a bit of a struggle, decorating at this time of year. I thought it was a good idea, cos it gets it done for Christmas, which we have, except for the sofas, and curtains. But, we have taken a very long time over it (about 6 weeks!!), just doing bits at weekends. We haven't been stressed with the actual decorating (except for maybe the wallpaper hanging), but I have found it stressful to have a room empty for so long. The 2 setteees have been in the dining room for 2 weeks, which is NOT big enough!!! So we've been clambouring over them to get to the table which is where my scrapping stuff is! No, what has been the worst thing is that I haven't been able to enjoy the run-up to Christmas so much. Last year I really enjoyed my Christmas Journal, and I so wanted to do it again and better this year, but have only done days 1 &2. I think I might have to save it for next year now! (I've saved all the prompts) I also haven't really been able to savour making the Christmas cards, or the book for Nicholas. I have just fitted them around everything else. I also haven't made a Christmas pudding this year, decided to cut my losses and buy one (that's if there's any left!!)

We bought wall-lights yesterday, and a ceiling light, but the ceiling light won't be here until Wednesday. We saw a lamp as well in the shop, so might meet Mum and dad in town on Wed to see if they will buy it for us for Christmas. It's one of those lights where you touch the base and it comes on, and when you touch it again, it comes on brighter!

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MJ said...

The lounge looks lovely Linda and the I love the photos of Merlin you should definitely do the photography course.

MJ xx

PS I havn't done the journal either, had very good intentions but other things got in the way!!!!