Friday, August 06, 2010

carnival time!

We walked into Worthing for a coffee, and realised on the way home that it is carnival day in Worthing!  The carnival is usually at the end of August, but has changed this year to coincide with the Seafront fair.

This is where we like to have coffee, Madisons in the arcade.  It was jam packed with customers wanting breakfast!  Looks like they do a mean bacon and egg!  And they always provide a bowl of water for Merlin.

Worthing 001

The flower displays in Worthing are as fabulous as ever!

Worthing carnival 001

 Worthing carnival 002

Here’s the tallest building in Worthing.

Worthing carnival 004

Some rubbish pics of the carnival!  Here’s the Beauty and the Beast float.  Fabulous costumes!

Worthing carnival 006  Worthing carnival 009

Not sure who this crowd were, but looks like they were having fun!

Worthing carnival 010

Procession of minis at the rear

Worthing carnival 012