Sunday, February 26, 2006

feb 06

Ohhh I don't seem to have the time to complete this very often. So here is a summary of Feb.

Dog walks, up to Highdown Mondays and Fridays, so as to save on milage in the car. Down the beach if the tide is out, but M has started running up the beach a bit now, so may have to limit to when tide is right out. I do enjoy walking on the beach in winter though. Round to the park about once a week. The people there are very nice, but M doesn't do much, except lick a greyhound to death, or run out of the gate!! Sometimes there is a nice girl with a young doberman, and the 2 dogs play really nicley. They are the same size and play in a similar way.

Half term was 13-17 Feb. I didn't do much with N and L. They came to Mum and dads one afternoon, and I took Lucy and her friends to Crawley shopping. I did quite enjoy it, but I don't have the staying power with shopping anymore. I did find a craft shop, and naughtily spent some money. I bought a Xyron, which is fab, some heritage rub-ons, inks, and a Hero Arts stamp that was reduced. I aslo bought new underwear, a brown cardigan from L Ashley, smal coffee pot, some labels, and other things I can't remember. It was nice to have lots of time to do arty stuff and not have the usual routine of driving here and there to pick them up!

Craft show at Brighton 10th Feb. I took about £100. And spent most of it!! I bought Anna Griffin papers for my heritage scrapbook, lots of stamps, some Stazon ink (which I haven't used yet!), stickers, BG kit, etc. It was good to see lots of things in the flesh, and 'stroke' it all. I wish there were more scrapbooking stalls though.

Scrapbooking. I've tried to concentrate on my 2005 scrapbook, and get most of the mail art projects done. I did all my Paris LOs because there was a competition on UKS an France, so I entered about 5! I did My Kinda Music circle journal, and received Why I love to Scrap, which is even more gorgeous than all the others. I arted up a couple of pages for people's deco books in the mail art group, sent a thank you card to Shimelle, and am making my very first ATCs.

My entry in CJ My Kinda Music

Thank you card for Shimelle. Painted background! Used my new square punch I got from Brighton craft show.

This is my entry in a deco book from Cindy in America. It is all about love at I did it on valentine's day.

An add to and return card I completed for Vicky

A page fro Kristina's deco book. I am really pleased with this.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

4th Feb

Just a quick visit, I will try to write a bit more often. I would have liked to go for a nice coffee with M this morning, but ended up going into town with L for new trainers, new lampshade, and valance. All done and dusted, nice and quick. L went to volleyball at 1pm, N was at work all day. I did a bit of finances on excel, trying to complete my analysis of 2005, looking a bit scary!! Then M and I went out to look at new worktops, tiles and cookers for kitchen.

We went to the Six Bells at Lyminster for tea! It was really gorgeous. It was recommended by a man I meet dog walking, he has Barney the bassett hound.

Then we watched the Ice dancing show vote out, and it was big shock, cos John got voted out, who was expected to do really well.

Just going to bed to read The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. Set in the 1950s, good read. Can't wait to see if they really do fall in love!

Oh and I made some cards today, John, Mark (PhD) and Lynda for birthdays next Tuesday.