Saturday, February 04, 2006

4th Feb

Just a quick visit, I will try to write a bit more often. I would have liked to go for a nice coffee with M this morning, but ended up going into town with L for new trainers, new lampshade, and valance. All done and dusted, nice and quick. L went to volleyball at 1pm, N was at work all day. I did a bit of finances on excel, trying to complete my analysis of 2005, looking a bit scary!! Then M and I went out to look at new worktops, tiles and cookers for kitchen.

We went to the Six Bells at Lyminster for tea! It was really gorgeous. It was recommended by a man I meet dog walking, he has Barney the bassett hound.

Then we watched the Ice dancing show vote out, and it was big shock, cos John got voted out, who was expected to do really well.

Just going to bed to read The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. Set in the 1950s, good read. Can't wait to see if they really do fall in love!

Oh and I made some cards today, John, Mark (PhD) and Lynda for birthdays next Tuesday.

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