Friday, March 28, 2008

Forum cards

I was totally and utterly gobsmacked to receive all these beautiful cards from a private forum that I have not been on for long. The ladies here are so talented, and I feel quite unworthy of their company really (but I still love receiving things from them!!!)








Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday cards and ATCs from Tanda Forum friends

ATC by Tash
Card and ATC by Possum (Charlotte)

Card by Chicken Licken (tash)

Card by Janeycutting (Jane)

ATCS by various!!! They are downstairs now and I'll have to go and get them to tell you who they are from!! Back later to edit. Right here goes: L-R top row Lesley, Sian, Lorraine
L-R bottom row: Andrea, Burn, Jane.

Card by Lilybaby (Lesley)

Card by Angel (Burn)

All absolutely fabulous!!! I am gobsmacked, thanks girls!
There are a couple more and I think at least 1 more to arrive, so I'll upload them later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More volleyball photos

Volleyball YAY they won!!!!

We went to Nottingham on saturday to watch DD's volleyball team play in the quarter and semi finals of the England under 16s. Well, they got through to the final!!! How exciting is that!!!

I have tons of photos, but blogger is being very slow atm, so you will have to wait for more!

We had to get up v v early (4.45am to get the girls - DD and DN to the teacher's house to join the minibus). We left about 7am. Traffic was really good and it only took just over 3 hours on the road. We stopped at Little Chef for brekkie!

The team (Ashcombe under 16s) had already played and won 1 game when we got there. They won the next game quite easily, but were drubbed by the last team! This team were so good that they caught our team napping!!! They really didn't play very well. But never mind, they were through to the semi finals. They played Tameside - and waht a close exciting game it was! Ashcombe held their nerve, and won 25-23, 23-25, 15-13. Very close. The only problem is that they have to play the team that they lost to in the final!!! Lots of training required me thinks!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Horrible paper cahllenge at Brighton and Hove crop

We had our Brighton crop on Saturday. We have 2 new members, and the church is giving us a discount as we are now longstanding users of the hall! So that means it will be cheaper. We would love to have more people attend. It really is a lovely hall, and big enough for quite a few more people. Janet (standing here) is our fabulous organiser.

This month we did a horrible paper challenge! We all bought in a few sheets of paper that we didn't like or were not likely to use, and put thim in a pile in the middle. Then we choose 2 sheets each, and made a LO with them.

Here's some pics of us hard at work!

Here's Sara, working with her October Afternoon scrapagogo kit

And here's Lerryn scrapping her gorgeous grandchildren!

Lerryn's Lo won the challenge! She chose papers that went so well with her photos.

Elaine was runner up! How about that for someone who hasn't scrapped before? I think it is lovely, again nice papers with the photo.

Here's Sue's LO. What a cheeky chappy! Again, fab papers with those photos.

Here's Sara's. She decided to go B&W and choose really bright funky papers with 10 random facts, brilliant!
Janet thpought her papers were a bit sombre, but they show off the photos well. These are photos from previous crops.
And last but not least, here's mine. I decided to scrap some 'heritage' B&W photos. These are weddings in the 1960s and 1970s. The 3 grooms are brothers and cousins of mine. I was bridesmaid to the middle one!