Monday, March 10, 2008

Volleyball YAY they won!!!!

We went to Nottingham on saturday to watch DD's volleyball team play in the quarter and semi finals of the England under 16s. Well, they got through to the final!!! How exciting is that!!!

I have tons of photos, but blogger is being very slow atm, so you will have to wait for more!

We had to get up v v early (4.45am to get the girls - DD and DN to the teacher's house to join the minibus). We left about 7am. Traffic was really good and it only took just over 3 hours on the road. We stopped at Little Chef for brekkie!

The team (Ashcombe under 16s) had already played and won 1 game when we got there. They won the next game quite easily, but were drubbed by the last team! This team were so good that they caught our team napping!!! They really didn't play very well. But never mind, they were through to the semi finals. They played Tameside - and waht a close exciting game it was! Ashcombe held their nerve, and won 25-23, 23-25, 15-13. Very close. The only problem is that they have to play the team that they lost to in the final!!! Lots of training required me thinks!

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