Wednesday, April 28, 2010

walk round Bosham

This is walk number 17.  I am not keeping up with this project each week, and often wonder whether to jack it in!  But anyway, here’s today’s walk, which was wonderful!  I took Mum for lunch at a lovely garden centre near Chichester, and then we drove down to Bosham which is in the area called Chichester Harbour.  It is such a lovely village!

We parked in the village and walked down to the quay, and were able to walk around to the other side of the lagoon as the tide was going out.  At high tide the water laps that wall and there is no path.

walk no 17 001

This si from further round the other side of the lagoon.

walk no 17 003

Then we walked back and round past the church.  You have to careful where you park here on the quay, that bit where the ice cream van and cars are parked is submerged at high tide!  Bet lots of cars have got wet!!!

walk no 17 009

There’s plenty of wild life about:

walk no 17 010

And here’s Mum!

walk no 17 012

Sunday, April 25, 2010

work colleagues

Lots of changes going on at work, and last Tuesday we went to a ‘Change management’ workshop at Lodge Hill (fabulous venue) run by Spurgeons our new employer.  It was a lovely day and Lodge Hill is in gorgeous grounds, so we had to take a few pics!

family centre 034

Me, Judi, Tracey

family centre 035

Tracey, Me, Jane and Judi

family centre 037

Me, Tracey, Jane, Sue and Judi

family centre 038

Me, Tracey, Jane, Sue, Judi and Justine

Friday, April 09, 2010

Walk on Brighton Pier

Just as a contrast to Worthing Pier we went to Brighton Pier!  It has loads more shops and fun fair rides on it than Worthing:

brighton 005

brighton 012

brighton 015

brighton 017

The only money we spent was to buy an ice cream and a coffee!

brighton 022

It was a really beautiful sunny day and quite warm!  The pier was packed with people:

brighton 024

Love this view looking east:

brighton 029

Here’s the pier from the shore.  Notice the fish and chip kiosk in the foreground.  There must be hundreds of places to buy fish and chips in Brighton!

brighton 036

Monday, April 05, 2010

walk along Worthing Pier

I am a bit behind with my walks, so when we walked into town along the seafront this morning I thought I would photograph my walk along the pier.  Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died, so I borrowed DH’s camera.  As the sun was so bright I couldn’t see what I was taking!!!

There are always lots of shows on at the Pavilion theatre on the landward end of the pier.


The buildings on the pier are very art deco in style.


This is the night club at the end of the pier.  Just imagine all those girls trip-trapping along the wooden slats in their ultra high heels late at night!


There are always lots of fishermen fishing off the pier:


I am trying to get a feel for the art deco style here!


And finally:



But they didn’t say no kitesurfing over the Pier! (picture from Littlehampton gazette last November)


Saturday, April 03, 2010

walk number 12

I am a bit behind with my walks.  But this afternoon we decided to go out with the dog, along the Ilex trees:

walk no 12 001

walk no 12 003

through the park in Ferring where they were playing football:


walk no 12 008

down the Rife (which was pretty full today and which Merlin couldn’t help but go in for a swim!) to the sea:

walk no 12 011

At the beach end of the Rife is the Bluebird cafe where we had a cup of tea, and ate our hot cross buns

walk no 12 020

Merlin watches very intently for a crumb!

walk no 12 018

And back along the seafront, where the wind got up and it was very chilly!

walk no 12 021

walk no 12 023

And then back up through the trees and to the car.  This picture shows the view looking back towards the sea, much better on a hot summer’s day!!

walk no 12 026