Wednesday, April 28, 2010

walk round Bosham

This is walk number 17.  I am not keeping up with this project each week, and often wonder whether to jack it in!  But anyway, here’s today’s walk, which was wonderful!  I took Mum for lunch at a lovely garden centre near Chichester, and then we drove down to Bosham which is in the area called Chichester Harbour.  It is such a lovely village!

We parked in the village and walked down to the quay, and were able to walk around to the other side of the lagoon as the tide was going out.  At high tide the water laps that wall and there is no path.

walk no 17 001

This si from further round the other side of the lagoon.

walk no 17 003

Then we walked back and round past the church.  You have to careful where you park here on the quay, that bit where the ice cream van and cars are parked is submerged at high tide!  Bet lots of cars have got wet!!!

walk no 17 009

There’s plenty of wild life about:

walk no 17 010

And here’s Mum!

walk no 17 012


Helen said...

Oh, I haven't been to Bosham for ages!! Lovely photos.

DMW said...

Just want to tell you that the pictures you took are beautiful

joven said...

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