Monday, December 11, 2006

walking the dog.

I took Merlind down the beach this morning. I got very wet and cold, especially as he wouldn't come when called. He eats seaweed on the beach (and we often get to see it again later ifykwim!!) and wouldn't come, then wouldn't have his lead on. He wants to play instead!!! I was standing in the freezing cold wind, getting wetter and wetter! The wind was blowing the rain so hard it hurt on my face . I so hated that walk back from the beach this morning, and I had to wait for loads of traffic before we could cross Mill Road.

So as soon as I got home I had a really hot shower, and now I have a cup of coffee in front of the computer and feel 100x better!

I've caught up on ukscrappers forum. Christmas Traditions CJ has been sent early, so I'm on target with that. UKStampers 1st CJ is supposed to be posted today, but I haven't even received it yet. Guess I ought to chase that up.

AIFHS - only 1 new member to do today. Will do that in a min,

I wanted to make loads of Christmas cards this year. But I've only made about 5! I'm going to sit down this afternoon and see how many I can make, and then anyone left will have to have a bought one. I did choose some quite nice ones this year, I usually just buy the cheapest!!

Decorating is coming along well. We spent all day yesterday wallpapering, and have finished as far as we can until the fireplace is in. Loads to do next weekend, but I think we'll do it. Carpet is coming on Monday, so we should be fairly straight by Monday evening.

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