Friday, May 19, 2006

A windy day!

Just typing in that title reminds me of a Postman Pat story, 'Pat's Windy day'!! I remember Mrs (can't remember her name, had twins, I think) hanging out the washing as it was a good drying day!! I did hang out Nicholas's anorak, and it was drying nicely, and then it rained, and now it's all wet again.

I could hardly stand up on the beach this morning. There was that awful panicky feeling becasue I found it hard to breathe. Stupidly, I walked along eastwards before I got to ther beach, and walking westwards on the beach was virtually impossible. So I walked along to heene Road, and back round the streets. When I got in, the phone rang, and it was DD's school, asking me to pick her up becasue it was likely that she had conjunctivitis. Lucky DD! Being told she MUST go home!! WE stopped off at the chemist and got some ointment.

I took Mum and dad out for lunch. Haven't seen them for a while because of colds and flu and chest infections. They seemed OK, a bit tired, still coughing a bit. They are going to see Michelle go to her prom tonight, so I left them at home about 2 for a rest. Bought some bedding plants at Old Barn. I will have to put them in this weekend.

Scrapped a bit this afternoon, finished off handbags CJ. Managed to persuade DD to do a bit too, but she only managed 1 page before she got bored.

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