Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MIL's birthday

It was MILs 85th birthday yesterday. DH decided it would be a good idea to take her out for lunch. But she really doesn't like going out for lunch! I suggested fish and chips in her flat. At first, she wanted to go out. Then she said oh no, she'd rather have chips. Then right on the morning of her b/day, she said she would go out, maybe to the Roundstone or Oystercatcher. R&J had been to the oystercatcher, so I think that took her fancy. We arrived a bit late about 12.30, becasue we had been for a walk up to Cissbury and not woken Lucy, so she was still in bed at 11!! After quite a bit of faffing about (OMG, I'm sure to be like that when I get old!!), we drove to O/C, not very far actually. DH went in to see how busy, not too bad, let's go in. As soon as we walked in, I could tell she wasn't going to like it!! It was quite dark, and reasonably busy, but not noisy. There were a lot of children (it is half-term). DH and L went to find a table, but I could tell MIL was very uncomfortable. We left without even sitting down! We drove back to Littlehampton, and parked right outside the chip shop. DH went in to order, but they are so slow!! MIL and I went for a short walk along the river. Fish and chips were good, nice and fresh, but it was gone 2.30pm by the time we ate them!! WE were starving, and consequently ate them a bit quick (Out of the paper, MIL insisted on having hers on aplate, more faffing about!) They laid a bit heavy for the rest of the day.

DH says he's taking lessons, so that he can be that bad when he gets older!! I don't think our kids will be so accommodating.

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