Monday, June 05, 2006

week off work

Dh had last week off work as holiday. It was the kids half term holiday. Actually, we didn't do anything with them all week! But we are pleased because we got some jobs done.

DH and DS put down gravel on the path, a job that has been waiting to be done since last summer, when we put down the old carpets to stop the weeds growing through. It looks fab now! But it ha made the other side look a bit thin, so we really need another load of gravel to top dress the other side and the back.

Another job was painting the kitchen. We had a new floor put down earlier in the year, and we weren't too sure whether the yellow really went with it. Also, they don't so that yellow anymore, and there was only 1 coat on the wall where the boiler was replaced. So we decided to go pale cream, and it looks fab too!

I also took DS out shopping for new clothes, 3 new pairs of trousers, new trainers new pants and socks. He likes to have the same as he had before, not a man who likes change!

We had our day out on the bike. DH had to take the BMW in to the garage in Guidford for some tweaking, so we went to Wisley for the day, and then on to Guildford cathedral. Very nice until we got to the garage and they hadn't done all the work M wanted doing. So we waited in the ****** garage for 1 hour for his 'man' to come and explain!!! We took N and L out for a meal to 'La Difference', a place we used to like going to 20 years ago. WEll, the food was OK, and very cheap, but it was like walking into your granny's front room, and full of old people!!! Not quite your hip, cool and innit place teenagers like.

And we saw MIL for her birthday, and my mum and dad on Monday.

All in all a great week!!!

(But..... I am pleased to be back to normal now, spending time on here catching up and doing my housework and AIFHS stuff!! Boy, I am a person who likes routine really!)

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