Monday, June 26, 2006


We had a fab day out at Beaulieu Motorcycle World yesterday. I took over 70 photos, and can't resist showing you a few of them. These little Hondas are the noisiest bikes. They really scream! This is right at the beginning of the circuit. It was only a small circuit, which included riding round the arena. It was so easy to see everything, and to get really close to everyone and all the bikes.
Here's Sammy Miller and Phil Read, 2 famous riders of the 50s and 60s. Sammy has a motorcycle museum in the New Forest and always takes bikes to meetings like this. Maurice is in total awe of them, and just stands and gazes at them in wonder! His boyhood heroes!!! They must have a great time going to all these country events. They look like really nice blokes, in fact, I was telling my Dad how nice Sammy looks, and he said he met him a couple of times when he was in the motorcycle club in Coventry, and yes, he is a great guy!
Some of the vintage bikes entering the arena. I like this photo becasue of the guy in the front all blurry cos he's going so fast!!!
Phil Read's MV Agusta
Sammy Miller and Phil Read in the arena.
I love the bike at the back. It is an Aerial, and has a beautiful wicker picnic basket on the back! The BSA at the front is ridden by a lady who obviously doesn't like riding fast! (A lady after my own heart)

These 2 pics are the wrong way round. hunky Jason Finn is a trick trail bike rider, and did some fabby stunts includding a stoppy just inches away from his mate Craig's important bits! He then bunny hopped his way around Craig. They both looked absolutely gorgeous in their tight motorcycle outfits, it made my day!!!

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