Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Garden centres

Gosh! This is turning into as much of a gardening blog as a scrapping blog! It's really making me think (for ther first time ever) about what is flowering in my garden through out the year. I have been taking quite a lot of photos lately, and yesterday, I wrote a list of all the flowers out atm. It was suprisingly long!

Anyway, Mum and Dad and I love going to garden centres. I usually see them on a Thursday, and we often go somewhere for lunch. We really like going over to Ditchling, where there are 2 fab gcs in close proximity. One has a piano player in the restaurant! They both have excellent plants, good variety and quality. We love to just wander round and talk about what plants are there. We're not so interested in all the other stuff that gcs sell nowadays, pottery, books (actually, Dad can usually be found by the books).

Today, we went to Shoots on the A24 just north of Worthing. We both bought gazanias, 10 for £1.99! They are quite small, but will grow - I'll feed them well. I also bought lush red petunias to go in my low pot. We like going out that way (another favourite is Old barn, further up the A24) becasue we can drive home along the 'back doubles', little country lanes, and then through Steyning and over Steyning Bowl and down into Sompting. It's quite bleak up there, but you could see a long way today. (Must suggest a dog walk up there). On a clear day you can see Beachy Head one way, and IoW the other!

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