Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I've always dabbled in hobbies.

I've done photography, including my own B&W developing, and an advanced photography evening class (full of older men who knew exactly what they were doing!! Me, I was lucky if I loaded the film in properly!) where we had a beautiful model to photograph. We have always kept nice albums, usually one per year, but special holidays have merited their own with a bit more writing and memorabelia.

I've kept diaries in the past, and dabbled with the idea of writing. I enjoy getting to grips with a subject and writing about it as per essays at university.

I've dabbled in sewing. It's along time since I made anything to wear (Probably a baby dress for Lucy!) But I always make my own curtains, and recently have started using the sewing machine for LOs.

I've cross stitched. About the time I had DS and DD, cross stitch was very popular among my friends so I amde lots of cross stitch baby cards, Christmas cards, and samplers. I always prefeered the 'heritage' or 'vintage' look to the 'cute' look. Just recently when I was ill with flu, I caught up on an old project, and Elizabeth Bradley cushion 'Auricula'. It is absolutely gorgeous. The colours are divine, and there are lots of subtle shades. That's why it has taken me so long! It is a winter project though. I have now finished the pattern, and am beginning to stitch the black background. I must have bought it about 10 years ago!

I dabble with my garden. When we lived on the sea front, I spent alot of time researching what would grow in the salty air, and planted the front garden accordingly. When I drive past now, I can see my planting has matured nicely despite the sea winds. Since moving here I have not made the time for gardening. We have ahuge garden here that is quite overwhelming. It was very overgrown when we got here, and it's only now that we are beginning to get it under control. Each time I go out there I am overwhelmed with the enormity of the things that need doing, and consequently can't start anything! I need to break it down into small chunks, and when I do that, I manage to get something done. I love visiting gardens, especially the RHS garden at Wisley, which I managed to get DH to last week. I really want to visit Christopher Lloyd's garden in Kent, and Sissinghurst, and some of the NT houses down in the West Country.

Family History has become a big hobby lately. I volunteered to be part of the committee of the AIFHS, and have done treasurer and now membership. I love being part of the group, and doing the admin side of things. I like the fact I have streamlined the m/s process, kept the letters and emails up to date, and am simplifying for later years. Trouble is, it does take time from researching my own family history. I have found out a lot about the Fumagallis , since Giovanni (paternal GGgrandfathercame to England in the 1870s. I have tried to come forward from him, with quite a bit of success. Recently another of his descendants joined the society so more present day Fumagallis. I have also researched quite a bit on the Vanstone side (maternal grandfather), and have found a huge amount by contacting others on the internet. And I love researching WW1 and grandad's experiences. I recently started a heritage album (combining 2 hobbies) of Grandad with his photos from the early 1900s.

I love to read. I try and read each night in bed for 30 mins or so. I chat with others on the internet to get ideas about what to read, and have read some fab books lately. Some of the Richard and Judy books have been good. I'm currently reading 'A Short History of Tractors in the Ukranian' by Maria Lewyckya. It is absolutley hilariuos!! But that could be becasue I knew an East European old man (FIL), who was Polish, but had the same turn of phrase as the old man in the book. Makes me read it out loud to DH (much to his annoyance if he is trying to read too), and laugh out loud!

I always come on here thinking I'll just write a little bit and spend ages, and write ahuge long missive! Who on earth would want to read it? So i will leave my biggest and best hobby to another time -SCRAPBOOKING.

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