Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I love doing swaps! 2 recent ones were a garden embellishment swap which I hosted and a calendar tag swap. There were some fab things sent in with the garden swap, I was really impressed. I laid them all out on the floor last night and took a photo. There are primas, rub-ons, buttons, ribbons, charms, metal embellies, die cuts, brads, eyelets, stickers. I need to start another project, a garden through the year album. I've taken quite a few photos in May and June, they will have to have 4 pages, Dec and Jan will only have 1 page each! I will use the calendar tags in it I think. We started a calendar tag swap months ago, but the host fell ill, and we didn't hear anything from her for months. Someone else hosted another swap, (becasue some people hadn't sent in their tags,) so I remade my tags for that one. Then the original host sent my tags back to me! So yet another host jumped in, and so I have 2 beautiful sets of calendar tags! It's lovely to see peoples' ideas and work in real life.

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