Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've been learning Spanish for 3 years at an adult education class. I have been going on a Wednesday 1pm - 3pm, with Maribel as my teacher. Maribel has been a fantastic teacher! She makes the lessons fun, and I have never been bored (which I can get with languages!). This year it has been a particularly great group, I feel as though we have all got on really well! I decided to learn Spanish becasue I know a little bit of German and French (O-level! plus some adult education years ago), but I didn't know any Spanish. After 3 years, I would probably be able to order things in a restaurant or shop, but might have trouble understanding the reply! They talk so quick, and the words seem to meld together into one long mumble.

I decided that I would either give up at the end of this year, or really go for it, and take the GCSE course next year. But I do hate doing homework! I try to fit it in around scrapping and computer. If I did the GCSE I would have to spend a dedicated afternoon or morning to it, but do I want to? Anyway, when Maribel said she was leaving I decided to give up. But then a couple of weeks ago we had Marita, a supply teacher, who was brilliant! Much as I like Maribel, it was exciting to have a different style. So now I don't know what to do......... I quite fancy doing an art course instead, but I'm not sure whether they have the right course for me.

Anyway, we had a fantastic night out last night to a local Spanish restaurant, Capprichio's. We all had tapas, and then coffee. A few had beer, a few had red wine. Of course, I suffered from the rich food, and felt dreadful for a couple of hours this morning, but I made myslef take the dog out, and then felt like toast and coffee. I feel better now, just tired and a bit hazy in the head!

I made Maribel a starbook of Worthing. I loved doing it, I used up all my scraps of Junkitz salsa papers, so it is really bright and zingy! But I felt quite nervous giving it to her, what if she didn't like it? I needn't have worried, becasue she loved it, and so did everyone else in the class! Phew! Here is a pic.

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MJ said...

The star book is gorgeous Linda

MJ xx