Thursday, June 08, 2006

Circle Journals

My Favourite Photo CJ front cover

My entry in Pets CJ belongs to Hollybo UKS

My entry in Beach CJ belongs to Ellsese UKS

My entry in My favourite place CJ belongs to Ladyscrap UKS

My Favourite place CJ belongs to Ladyscrap UKS

I love CJs!! I love scrapping on the small pages, experimenting with different ideas and techniques and seeing other people's work in the flesh.

My first Cj has not long returned to me. It was with UKs and the theme was My Favourite Photo. The work in it is fabulous, and I keep looking at it again and again.

I've not long joined another UKS CJ, this time my theme is Family. Stupidly, I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it on.

My next CJ is with my team on UKS, the Scrapettes. We are sending each other pages rather than the whole CJ, to save on postage and stop loosing any in the post. Trouble is, we don't get to see anyone else's work in the flesh! My theme this time is 'Garden'

My next CJ is with UK stampers. I am a bit nervous about this one, cos I don't think I'm very good at stamping - I'm still a bit messy. Might have to practise alot!! But, having said that, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone else's work and learning some new techniques. My theme is colours.


Flo said...

I love CJs too - just as well seeing as I'm in about half a million of the blinking things at any given time!

All your pages in Elfin's Newbie CJ look fantastic - I'm hosting the next UKS Newbie round, and I hope the quality is anything like that high :)

Pity about the way your team CJ is going to be run - seeing everyone else's work is the whole point! But I guess I can see the logic.

Galaxy Girl said...

I love CJ's too, but don't worry hun, don't even have to do any stamping if you don't want!!!