Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day out in London

I had to go to London for a training day for the charity I do voluntary work for. What a stinking hot day to have to go!! I caught the 7.50am from West Worthing, not too bad. It wasn't too busy becasue it doesn't get in until after 9am, so I suppose most working people have already gone. Underground to Highbury and Islington, very hot. Then I had to catch a BR train 2 stops to Dalston Kingsland. The train was delayed, so I was late for my training day. Only 15 mins, but I think that was the most relevant 15 mins of the whole day to me!

HQ is not too bad, and the room was quite nice, but far too hot, even with 3 fans. There were lots of people aquashed in which made it hotter. The training was not really relevant to me as a volunteer (eg trade union membership!), but some of it was quite interesting. The other people on the course were really nice, friendly and welcoming, something that must go through the whole of the charity!

Journey home was a bit of a nightmare. UNderground was hotter than ever, and very crowded. I panicked a bit at one point, wondering how I was going to get out of the train as people stood all along the carriage. I waited 1 hour on a hot Victoria station when I realised too late that I could have caught an earlier train to Haywards Heath and changed for Worthing GRRR!

By the time I got home I felt light headed, nauseous (from the motion in the new trains), and incredibly over heated. I got off at Worthing and walked, just to get off the train!

It was incredibly nice to get under a cool shower, and drink a glass of wine. By then, I fancied something to eat, so heated up a WW meal from the freezer. N and L were out, DH was on a conference call, so I had time to relax and chill out.

WE took Merlin for a walk along the beach, and then sat in the conservatory with a bottle of wine. LOVELY!! N came in and sat and chatted to us, which was great. L had a friend to stay, but did come and talk for a bit.

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